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  1. god the amount of resources i keep losing to bugs. Everytime i lodge a support ticket i dont get a reply
  2. I am 1800 hours into the game and havent done ancient power once. I have 4-6 Chaos 8 amps, 8000 Chaos 7 amps and hundreds of mats. 21 mil gold and about 6-7 gilded shards I cannot even trade my items because i upgraded them (like everyone else does before they reset). If I upgrade any items to C8 it will cost million and millions, and if you upgrade the item after you make it C8, it will cost 10-20 million
  3. Also its a shame there is no Oceania Server, the people in Asia and Australia have bad lag I gave up trying mastery - died 10 times in the water and got teleported around the map. Failed the map instantly just because of lag
  4. Can you please let us Add Shards to the evolving process before we have 10? I have 5-6 of almost every shard and 20 bags full... Cannot do anything as I need 10 to gild and my inventory is too full to farm.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/id/AussieMark/
  6. Hi there, Add me on Steam - i have a lot of proteon weapons
  7. Spent 3 hours compiling a list of all the bugs I found and the website crashed logging me out and deleting everything... So lets try again Starting from the beginning Server rollback of items/gold Happens mainly on the Europe server, the server keeps rolling back items and gold. If I sell something or move an item, I will look again in a few minutes and its gone back to its old spot. Can also send items back to the scavenger and then lose them forever Click view someones shop as the round timer to battle ends - leaves you stuck unable to move During a game round (not in town) if you click to view someones shop just as the timer to battle ends your HUD disappears and you are frozen until the next round Private Tavern - Europe server Trying to enter the Private tavern from inside the town will result in a timeout. 5-10 minutes later you can be sent to the town, or teleported to another game of that party member. or you wont be sent anywhere Moving Chaos 7 mod to Chaos 7 item Wasted a lot of resources on this one. Tried moving a CHaos 7 mod to another Chaos 7 item. Got the error that they arent the same level, so I upgraded the Purple item to Legendary, and levelled it up completely - still same error. Didnt even want the item just wanted the mod but still cost over 500,000 and resources. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/1Oe3zrH Stats bug 2 - Chaos 2 max stats bug This occurs on old items, that show they are max stats but when you upgrade them to Chaos 7 or 8 like I did they are miles away from max stats. so a lot of resources are wasted Render bug: Game closes randomly sometimes with render bug: https://imgur.com/0O9xLV7 (and attached) Forum bugs: Currently cannot login Via steam Often get logged out randomly even after a few minutes Note I am in Australia but have no lag as I am on broadband, but I hope there will be an Australian server in DDA RENDER BUG BELOW:
  8. Play with her while she watches you play with yourself in game of course . Or get another computer
  9. Just move your hero and items from dd2 to DDA
  10. Yeah they would be under an NDA Overall the guy is super smart but also probably missed being as involved or having control over the creative direction. He probably sold at a profit and bought back at a discount. Smart businessman :) Cheering for DD Success and I hope they pay a bit more attention and have a stronger vision this time not constantly changing. They have a lot of great assets art work and game modes already developed from the influence week also
  11. What is your question for Mark? I am here
  12. Hi there, apologies on the mobile phone so hard to post it here but check out my post in the Kickstarter forum as I link the article explaining the name change and ownership change that just took place To summarise, trendy was sold and has just been bought back by the original owner so J think it's a step in the right direction
  13. If that link doesn't work go to http://snewsi.com/id/19187468476/Trendy-founder-takes-helm-rebrands-company-as-Chromatic-Games
  14. Hi all, Hopefully they will post an update soon but here's the full story. Wish them well and I have backed them on Kickstarter https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190304/trendy-founder-takes-helm-rebrands-company-as-chromatic-games?template=ampart
  15. Take a read here guys to learn what happened to trendy https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190304/trendy-founder-takes-helm-rebrands-company-as-chromatic-games?template=ampart
  16. Sorry i dont check here can you private message me, what youre after :) or add me on steam, my steam profile is linked to my profile here https://dungeondefenders.com/2/user/55673 still sselling pets?
  17. I dont know what the problem is with the customer service suppport anymore I have about 5 tickets all unanswered, literally had to send them a reminder every week for 3 weeks to get a single reply and its still unresolved.
  18. Offering top dollar Msg me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/AussieMark/
  19. Did they cancel this or is it coming later? It was meant to come with my purchase 
  20. Hi there, Please pm me private offers, for exclusive golden pets that are no longer obtainable in game. Here are some examples of pets below. Golden Storm O, Golden Blinky, Golden possessed sword, golden katkarot. These pets are no longer dropable in game (in golden).
  21. Does anyone remember the game age of empires online? :) Unbeknownst to most, this was one of the main reasons the game failed and shut down. The game economy was destroyed in about 72 hours because players worked out a way to dupe and then people started sharing free items and currency became useless. There became about 5-6 players with 99999999999 gold and the whole trading system died instantly as did the need to spend any real currency for anything. You're really downplaying that quite a bit. It was a very big issue that could basically break any economy, and also made it pointless to play the game for the time being because of the mods it could provide. The issue wasn't that it was selling perfect mods, it was that you could refresh the listing with different items, and different rolls every minute. Had players learned the methods sooner, or leaving it alone longer, it would have been much bigger than it was. That said, the vendors will be fixed with our next patch, selling up to legendary items, with mods on them.
  22. I Dont think golden madwick exists. I have an egg and it says it will only spawn purple
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