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  1. I posted a screenshot previously of tavern customisation in dd2. I think it was removed or put in Hold. Let me know if your want it again :P But yes this is the feature I am excited about the most
  2. Just move your hero and items from dd2 to DDA
  3. Yeah they would be under an NDA Overall the guy is super smart but also probably missed being as involved or having control over the creative direction. He probably sold at a profit and bought back at a discount. Smart businessman :) Cheering for DD Success and I hope they pay a bit more attention and have a stronger vision this time not constantly changing. They have a lot of great assets art work and game modes already developed from the influence week also
  4. Wow I just realised the limit on attachments is 48 megs....that's pretty huge!
  5. Whomever is the beautiful man that posted that article first has my most humble appreciation :)
  6. What is your question for Mark? I am here
  7. Hi there, apologies on the mobile phone so hard to post it here but check out my post in the Kickstarter forum as I link the article explaining the name change and ownership change that just took place To summarise, trendy was sold and has just been bought back by the original owner so J think it's a step in the right direction
  8. Oh sorry guys I'm in Australia and it worked for me. I had to do some research as was confused why the company name changed suddenly 😂
  9. If that link doesn't work go to http://snewsi.com/id/19187468476/Trendy-founder-takes-helm-rebrands-company-as-Chromatic-Games
  10. Hi everyone, Hopefully there will be an update soon but here's the full story: https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190304/trendy-founder-takes-helm-rebrands-company-as-chromatic-games?template=ampart I have backed them on Kickstarter and let's give them our support
  11. Hi all, Hopefully they will post an update soon but here's the full story. Wish them well and I have backed them on Kickstarter https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190304/trendy-founder-takes-helm-rebrands-company-as-chromatic-games?template=ampart
  12. Take a read here guys to learn what happened to trendy https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190304/trendy-founder-takes-helm-rebrands-company-as-chromatic-games?template=ampart
  13. Sorry i dont check here can you private message me, what youre after :) or add me on steam, my steam profile is linked to my profile here https://dungeondefenders.com/2/user/55673 still sselling pets?
  14. I dont know what the problem is with the customer service suppport anymore I have about 5 tickets all unanswered, literally had to send them a reminder every week for 3 weeks to get a single reply and its still unresolved.
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