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  1. But the only problem with that is if the make a fight like that, they are then bottlenecking you into playing a specific way which was what the best thing about dd1 if you want to do squire only go ahead is it going to be harder sure but; Sense of pride and accomplishment -ea Couldn't resist lol. But you understand what I'm talking about. But I do believe that honestly was a part of dd1 magic
  2. Like the title states, I'm thinking of going back to DD1 level that one character and see what new friends I can make. I am aussie so might limit me a bit. I know I'll never forget fighting that damn dragon for the first time and we had 4 squires and only one specced into dps. It took us forever but those moments where you didn't know the optimal stratergies. Where you had fun and just messed around.
  3. There should just be one set of DU, by having multiple types of DU/MU it forces/bottlenecks builds. Why wouldn't you use extra DU if you have it. You literally playing with one hand behind your back.
  4. I for one would love a toggle option for that just more customisation but small indie company am I right? ;)
  5. Oh don't suppose you have a link to that?
  6. I know they changed the way you see monk auras in DD2 but I really missed seeing those bubbles everywhere. Yes end game they got so damn huge. Though you had to admit seeing that bubble you knew you were in good hands.
  7. Same as everyone I suppose, TOWER Squire DPS Squire TOWER PEW PEW SHOOTY PEW PEW
  8. WASD Squire or Apprentice?
  9. Hey I might be going crazy as I haven't been around the forums for ages. I use to have titles and tags underneath my name when I posted and now all I have is junior defender did they do a wipe or something?
  10. This will probably make everyone hate me, but I don't want hero swapping in the game during the waves. I loved the whole aspect of you have x amount of time to setup your defences. Now you use this hero for that wave. Maybe I'm a masochist but I loved that challenge. I spent easily, easily 5k+ hours on console. and numerous more on PC. But the only way I can explain this is I find the game gets way easier if you can just swap heroes at any time you want. I want personally for it to be back to DD1 way or to add a challange mode of sorts that limits you. I know many won't feel the same because everyone has their own play styles. But surley I'm not the only one? Also the music keep that locked down from DD1 was fantastic. Also 2.0 as much optimisation for PC as you can I never use to be able to run it on my PC so I always had to play console and when finally switched felt like playing catch up. Edit: I forgot to say, maybe I only played it this way but going through the campaign starting on a low dofficulty and then reworking your way through a harder difficulty in the campaign order was a good sense of difficulty progression imo
  11. I'm a returning counsilor/dd1 player. I would love to play with some fellow people that played dd1 as well. I've just reached Nightmare1 with a couple 270ish ipwrs. Would love to get some new friends and tackle foundries and forges next week. Am from aus so any aussies ++ Steam name ; Anitbus
  12. I was playing Dragonfall Sewers, on round 7 mid(ogre wave) way had an apprentice leave the game, the next wave I only had flying enemies spawn from 2 point that's all. Now on wave 9 nothing spawns and prior to enemies not spawning out of the lanes no billboards came up either. Due to no enemies spawning it means I can't finish the level. If there's anything else I can add will come back and add it.
  13. It is live! if you get package mismatch restart steam and do the update!
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