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  1. I'm with BitThief on this What I don't like: 1) It's not out. 2) months later : It's still not out. 3) months later, again : It's still not out. 4) BitThief said it well [QUOTE]Was there ever an official announcement of this? I mean, one thread in the announcements was all it would take. A "Hey, we lost our publisher, 2 month delay" post would have been fine. Or something on the website. Something. Instead, it take until April for me to figure out why the game has been delayed umpteen times. I'm not ranting, I'm just trying to explain that for a casual surfer, there's been almost NO
  2. Now let's just hope the game will get a ps3/360/PC release before the NGP is released... We just want a date, even just a month... :(
  3. More : Maps, challenge, maps, challenge, maps, challenge, maps, maps, maps, maps [...]. :nerd:
  4. Thanks for the reply, i'll try to use headphones till the fixe come. ^^
  5. Hello, I wanted to report a frequent bug I get, when I host/create a game ( I almost only do that so I don't know if it can occure if i'm the one joining ), it happened many time that once a player join me ( I think it only happened while I was still in the tavern ) I no longer have SFX, the only solution to get it back being to leave.
  6. That's the first stat or towers, it's red and called health.. The more health you have for the trap = the more uses it has for the same costThat make sence thx, one of the stats I didn't touch since I was saying myself 'my trap can't get hurt, why would I increase their health". That's gonna change my huntress life, the first trap really needed too frequent repair not to desepear.
  7. 1) Defense Base Damage affects the strength of the Aura -- for Heal aura, it's how much it heals. For Strength Drain Aura, it's how much it reduces enemy strength. For Ensnare Aura, it's how much it slows enemies down. For Enrage Aura, it's the likelihood of Enraging an enemy which enters it. 2) For the Monk, Defense Attack Rate only applies to the Electric Aura and the Heal Aura, and affects how rapidly it harms enemies or heals allies.I've kind of the same question but for the huntress ( and iff possible all the upgradable tower stats on the character screen ( Attack Rate, etc.. ( I play
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