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  1. Thanks guys! Yea, I only found it due to using XPadder for controller support. It basically allows u to map a controller input to the keyboard and mouse. I mapped the tower to the D-Pad left, but the the game uses that input for the triple shot ability and hence the jump happened, it took a little bit to piece together what was actually going on :) I tried the other heroes as well but it seems like it only happens with the huntress' one ability, the others just seem to cancel the effect. The monk is kind of cool to do it with staff strike and electric aura, it looks like he uses his staff as a magical wand and makes the electric aura appear immediately, lol.
  2. Playverse Username: donnyb20 One Sentence Bug Description Huntress jumps very high, i'd guess 2-4 times as high as a normal jump. Step by Step Instructions 1. Pick a level. 2. Make sure to have enough ability and tower mana to perform the triple shot and place a proximity mine. 3. Press 1 and then 5 on the keyboard almost simultaneously, technically I believe you have to hit 1 slightly before 5, but only by a split second if that. Media [video=youtube_share;pgHjIiCrcmQ]http://youtu.be/pgHjIiCrcmQ[/video] Further Details If done correctly, the ability mana is taken, the triple arrows are not shot, but the huntress is launched straight up into the air very high. This can be performed with any of the huntress' defenses, i.e. 5 - 8 on the keyboard, it's not specific to the proximity mine.
  3. This thread is related to the Tower Range Increases thread, except it's for traps and auras, along with the training dummy.
  4. @Xindi, I like your idea of adding an elemental effect to the hero that would be amplified by the elemental attribute. Could be kind of cool with the use of elemental weapons as well, as long as it doesn't over power them. Where you could pick something like water for your hero elemental effect, and then if you pick up a lightning weapon these would form a combo. The hero elemental effect being applied would be based off of the points invested into the elemental attribute, so the higher that attribute the more chance of each attack applying the water effect and forming a combo with your lightning weapon. For example, u have a squire with the water elemental effect with a high elemental attribute and use a lightning sword, every time u swing u have a good chance of causing a water/lightning combo to all enemies hit. Another idea might be to create a skill for each of these hero elemental effects, that takes into account the hero tower types, so instead of picking a single elemental effect for your hero, you could equip the skills for the elements that made sense for you. For instance, the apprentice has ice, fire, and earth type towers, so it might make sense for him to have 3 skills for elemental effects, one for oil (for the fire tower), one for ice (for the earthshatter tower), and one for smashing (for the ice tower). The idea here is that combos seem to require a prep type element, such as oil, water, ice, etc... and a trigger type element, such as fire with oil, lightning with water, smashing with ice, etc... Some bonuses of this approach would be that you could combo not only with your weapon but also your towers and create more than one combo. It would also be easier to just re-equip your skills if you find a new weapon with a different elemental effect, as long as you have an elemental skill that combos with it.
  5. Based on the last council session it sounds like there currently is no tower range stat related to the hero so I'm not sure if hero level will matter, it sounded like the range is related to the upgrade level of the tower instead. Also, I don't recall them mentioning anything about changing the range for this play test, unless I missed something. I do agree that quite a few of the towers seem to need a range boost. The ones I've noticed that seem OK was the poison dart, earth, and the Skyguard towers, they all seem to have a little more range than the others from what I recall.
  6. This came up in council session #5. Pick which towers above you feel should have an increase in range for their initial first level, to support better placement without getting destroyed due to being too close to blockades and within range of enemies. For Auras and Traps, please vote in the Aura/Trap Range Increases thread.
  7. Not sure if it's too late in the development to be posting this or not, just haven't had time till now unfortunately. Below is a link to a thread in the suggestion forum about my thoughts on leveling. Attributes and Skills
  8. OVERVIEW After playing a bit more in the play test over the past couple weekends, I came up with an idea for leveling that I thought might be of interest and somewhat of a different take on it, and would love to get to everyone's feedback on it. First, let’s look at the current stats in the game as of right now, you have 4 hero stats (life, damage, physical resist, elemental resist), 3 tower stats (life, damage, speed), and then 3 hero ability stats. There are also stats that are currently static and not shown in game, e.g. tower range, hero speed, build/repair/upgrade speed during battle, and possibly others. Of course there may be more stats added as well. I will refer to these collectively as simply “stats” from here on out. What I liked seeing in the play test was how the equipment directly affected the non-static stats. What I think might be a good idea for leveling is to have an intermediate set of “attributes” that directly affect these in game stats. The idea behind this is to provide a level of abstraction between the hero and the in-game stats and allow a group of stats to be uniquely applied to each attribute. Let me give an example of what I’m referring to here to make things more clear. Let’s say one attribute that can be leveled is “Strength”. This attribute might affect the Hero Damage, Tower Damage, and Skill Damage of a hero. Leveling this attribute would effectively increase all 3 of these stats when adding a point to it. The effect of leveling the attribute would show the player what stats would actually go up and by how much. Skills/Abilities On the subject of Hero abilities, you have 3 abilities as of right now. What I’d like to see is these converted into the concept of skills and be equip-able. So as you level you automatically acquire new skills and they become equip-able into the 3 slots you have, so you effectively can have any 3 skills equipped at one time during a battle. You might end up unlocking, let’s say 21 skills for each hero by the end, and you would select 3 of those for your hero, this could be done outside of a match, and possibly during the build phase. Some of these abilities would be like they are now, for instance specific moves that do something. While others might be more static and just have an “always on” effect that doesn't require any action from the player. The idea is to give the player diverse options on how their hero is built. Lastly, each skill would fall into 1 of 3 skill categories and each category would represent one of the key mappings; it could also be possible for skills to fall into more than 1 category. The main purpose for the skill categories would be for balancing. For instance, it might make sense that certain skills not be used together due to causing an undesired result (such as being overpowered). This would be more of a dependency on each hero and their skills, if no imbalance then technically each skill could belong to all 3 categories, or if this turns out not to be needed, the categories can just be removed. Attribute Layout Below are a couple of charts that give a possible layout for attributes. This isn't supposed to represent the complete or final listing of stats or attributes, but mainly to demonstrate the idea and a starting point. Attribute Specifics Based on the charts, below are some points for each attribute. CORE ATTRIBUTES Strength – Affects any type of physical damage caused to enemies. This attribute only deals with 3 stats as they are critical ones. Hero Damage – Increases physical melee and ranged damage done by hero to enemies. Tower Damage – Increases physical damage done by towers of the hero to enemies. Skill Damage – Increases damage from skills that inflict physical damage to enemies. Durability – Affects life and physical resistances. Hero Life – Increases life of the hero. Tower Life – Increases life of the towers of the hero. Durability Type Skills – This would be related to skills that are specific to durability like life and resistance. For example, Heroic Presence of the monk, increasing Durability would boost the life portions of the skill. Hero Physical Resistance – Increases physical resistance of the hero. Tower Physical Resistance – This is a hypothetical, but it would serve as a way for towers to resist incoming physical damage. This might only make sense to be applied to certain towers. For instance, if it causes barricades to be near indestructible, then perhaps this would not apply to barricades, or even each tower would have a stat that determines if it can use physical resistance. Range – Affects anything involving ranges. Hero Melee Range – Increases swing range of melee heroes. This could be the radius of the strike, and/or the angle of the swing. Hero Projectile Size – Increases the size of a projectile of ranged heroes. Tower Range – Increases the range of towers of the hero. Range Type Skills – This would be related to skills that use range and would increase the range of the skill. For example, increasing Range would increase the diameter of Heroic Presence of the monk. Speed – Affects anything involving speed and rates. Hero Movement Speed – Increases the speed of the hero. Build/Upgrade/Repair (B/U/R) Speed – Increases the speed at which the hero performs each of these actions during a wave. Hero Melee Speed – Increases swing speed of melee weapons. Hero Projectile Rate – Reduces time between ranged shots. Tower Speed – Increases the speed of towers of the hero. Skill Cool Down Timers – Reduces the amount of time before skills can be used again. Elemental – Affects any elemental type effects. Due to elemental damage normally not being as effective as physical, this attribute also affects elemental resistances. Hero Elemental Damage – Enhances the effect of elemental type weapons of the hero. Hero Elemental Resistance – Increases resistance of the hero from elemental damage from enemies. Tower Elemental Damage – Enhances the effect of elemental type towers of the hero. Tower Elemental Resistance – This is somewhat of another hypothetical, but it would serve to resist elemental damage the tower would incur from enemies. Elemental Type Skills – This would be related to skills that are elemental and increase the effects, such as the oil flask and cyclone skills. Resources – Affects thriftiness and other out of the box type things. Tower Build/Upgrade/Repair (B/U/R) Cost – Reduces the mana cost associated with each of these actions. Wave Mana – Increases the mana given on each wave. RNG Loot Enhancer – Slightly increases the quality of loot. Obviously caution needs to be used here, or if it’s not desired then just leave it out. Reduced Store Prices – This would be related to items in the in-game store. Store Inventory – Slightly better items that would show up in the in-game store for purchase. Skill Cost – Reduces the cost to use skills. TYPE MODIFIER ATTRIBUTES These attributes are used more to tailor your hero to the style you like to play by using 1 or 2 of these. There’s no reason to apply equal amounts of points to all 3 of these as it will end up being equivalent to simply adding an equal amount of points to each of the core attributes. The idea here is to use 1 or 2 of these to fit your play style. Adding points to these attributes affect all core attributes that are related to the type, i.e. tower, hero, or skill. All stats listed under each core attribute will be increased based on the type by applying this modifier to them, and the modifier is based on the number of points invested into the attribute. So for instance, increasing your tower attribute will increase the overall effect of all tower specific stats in each of the core attributes, e.g. tower speed, range, damage, life, resist, elemental damage & resist, b/u/r speeds & cost. The end result is that each of the listed tower stats above will have a modifier applied to them that will increase the effect of each one. This allows you to setup your core attributes to what’s important to you overall, and then increase the type attributes that are most useful to your play style. One last note on this as described earlier is that adding equal amounts of point here would be no different than simply adding the same points to the core attributes. For example, let’s use 6 attribute points, adding 2 points to the tower, hero, and skill attributes, would be the same as adding 1 point to each core attribute. Additional Thoughts Below are some additional points to this system. Allows leveling each attribute to be more meaningful because you get more than just 1 stat. For instance, hero speed was normally a stat many did not care enough about in DD1 to put points into even though the player did want the speed, but the investment wasn’t worth it. In this system, you not only get speed for the hero, but you get a number of other bonuses as well that most likely will make it worth it for your hero. Each Hero could be setup with a hidden modifier for each core attribute where this makes sense. The purpose is two-fold, first is to allow uniqueness for each class and complete control over the attributes. Secondly, it could be used in balancing characters, current and future, if one hero becomes overpowered, the modifiers can be tweaked to possibly help alleviate the problem. By no means am I saying this should be the default, good character design is more important, but it’s an option if it does become a problem. The core attributes are used to determine the main progression and path of the hero, while the type modifiers focus on the style of the player for that hero. From a design standpoint, each hero can add any specific stats it needs to the core attributes, even if other heroes don’t have that specific stat, as each hero uses the attributes to affect only the stats that apply to them. There will be universal stats that apply to most heroes and others that are specific to certain heroes only. For instance, hero life would be universal, while melee range would only apply to melee type heroes. This can be applied at any level, even if a hero with no towers exist, in that case tower stats would not apply to any of the attributes for that hero. Based on the above statement, this should allow future heroes to be more easily added to the game. This can be useful for new characters that come along and have very unique stats that don’t currently exist in the game, the stats just need to be assigned to the appropriate attributes and the existing leveling system should support it. Respecing characters should be possible, but at a fair cost. I don’t believe heroes will need to be changed often, but different things could require it, other than just not liking the hero build. For instance, you have a normal staff with your apprentice and level yourself accordingly for a while, then you find an awesome staff with elemental damage on it, you might want to respec your hero and sink more points into the elemental attribute to take advantage of the new weapon. Another example might be if you have a squire with a lot of equipment with high resistances, but then put together a new outfit that takes a significant loss to the resistance, it might make sense to respec and increase your durability attribute.
  9. While I like your idea, I'm going to take a guess that this will come down to a load balancing issue for Trendy. They already stated a while back that they weren't even sure if the servers would support the initial 500+ players. Doing something like this could effectively double that amount, more realistic to estimate around 50%, but that's still a lot of extra traffic all at once. Got to keep in mind the game is in the early stages right now and much of the hardware and infrastructure is probably not setup, of course I don't speak for Trendy so I could be totally off on this. I really do like your idea I just think if it was possible they'd probably have offered another humble bundle to generate more profits for charity for something like this. It seems the contests they do on the blog pages allows more players in and does so in a way that slowly increases the load and probably allows them to perform testing in a more safer way.
  10. Or instead of trying to fix a broken system, just remove it. :) If it was broken I'd agree, but it isn't :)
  11. No 1 - for me - that way if not enough players join map you can at least set up some sort of defense and play instead of waiting forever, or just leaving the game because not enough DU's available for a semi-assed useful defense. This can easily be solved with option 2 by simply getting more keys if you're the only one in the match. For instance, 4 players = 2 keys each, 1 player = 8 keys. Their focus right now seems to be on 4 player co-op, I'm sure as time goes by these features will be added in for less than 4 players. Perhaps if you're in the match alone for more than a minute, you get the extra keys.
  12. I keep hearing a common theme come across from some of the post in here which I don't believe is accurate, which basically says "why put this system in place for a small number, few, minimal, etc... griefers?". I think we should take a step back and think about this for a moment. Is it really going to be a small number??? I think the answer to this question comes down to who you're playing with. Are you playing with friends, ppl you've played with before and get along with, or are you playing with random ppl? If it's the first two options, then I think the "small" statement applies for the most part. However, when you're talking random ppl, I would argue the "small" becomes the "norm". You have no ties to these other ppl you're playing with and you need mana to build, upgrade, etc... So, everyone will be running around trying to get the mana (not to mention loot from the chest). Once others who aren't running around for mana all the time start seeing all the chest gone, they will start making it a priority as well. Before you know it, it becomes the "norm" and takes a part of the co-op right out of it. If you want a co-op and competitive mode, so be it, but the game is supposed to be co-op first, which is why this system works well and should stay in place. The best solution I see would be keep the system as is for the default co-op experience. Have a custom match option that you can set options for things like this, e.g. Chest -> [Keys, Shared]. New mode(s), such as competitive which would always keep Chest as shared & no keys, no instanced anything, i.e. dropped loot, mana, etc..., could score players based on enemies killed, tower kills, etc... Perhaps give bonus loot to winners.
  13. Is having players get 1/2 the mana really limiting? Yes. It is. And you say we are not limited, but we very much are. Instanced chests is currently implemented along with the keys. They are separate systems. Meaning every player has their own chests. So, now that you have your own chests, you can open all four of them right? NOPE. You only get 2 of them. So, with a little math, thats 8/16, or 1/2 of the mana wasted. Assuming 2 chests per player, with 4 chests per map. (I don't recall if there were 4 or 5 chests) This is more of the way you're looking at it. In your scenario, with keys each chest would have 50 mana in it and you'd get 100 mana, without keys each chest would have 25 mana in it, and you'd still get 100 mana. It's just an implementation detail. The advantage is it offers the game to use the keys as a bonus from something else, such as a helmet that offers an extra key on each wave, so if you have it equipped, you'd have 3 keys instead of 2 like everyone else and be able to access 3 chest on each wave. Gathering mana for other players doesn't happen? What about playing with friends? It happens, more than enough to warrant blocking it from happening. This feature pretty much makes me want to NOT play co-op, because the game is trying to force me to play some certain way, as opposed to being able to play with friends just like we want. One player currently can't grab either all of the mana, or even all of their own mana. So, directly, they are limited. Yes, it is a co-op game mode. Yes, people should work together. This feature does not help in any way that I can see. When playing with friends, i agree it's a non-issue, but many ppl play the game with random ppl and that's the point. Maybe have an option for sharing keys when playing a custom match or something along those lines.
  14. Really. Right now all the four people needs to pickup two chests each to reach the maximum mana each wave. Why can't we just all be possible to loot all the chests? That is what's limiting us. Forcing players to take their two chests. What is the point of that? Is 4 ppl having to open up 2 chests really limiting? You need to open at least one chest just to start building anything. Why is the players limited to only pickup 1/4th of the total mana available in the wave? So people won't grief? Congrats they solved a minor issue that happens who knows when. And the rest of the time it will work against normal players. You can't go gather mana for the guys that are building. If I don't want to build anything at all. Why can't I go pickup all the mana and drop it for the builder? Players are not limited to 1/4th the mana, 2 chests = 100 mana (with keys), all chests = 100 mana (no keys). As for gathering mana for other players, sorry but that doesn't happen. I've played a # of games in DD2 and have yet to see it happen, and it's never happened in my time of playing DD1. Ppl may drop you mana when they have left over, but they don't go around collecting it for you. Not saying it's never happened, just rare. If I'm building why can't people help me gather the mana. Sure they all can do it, but that requires all the players in the session to do it. Why is such a system in place? Stop with these stupid limitations.. All it does is annoying people. Maybe 1 out of 100 games you will have a guy jumping out of the map and dropping mana mid air. Who cares? You say "stupid" limitations, and give a poor example of the real issue here. It's not for some guy jumping off the map dropping mana, it's for ppl who attempt to grab all the mana so that they can create the build they want, because in their minds they believe they have best plan, the problem is that's not teamwork. This is an online coop multiplayer game, everyone is going to want to have input into the build, and they can only build with mana. If they want to give someone else their mana, that should be their choice. The most fun I've seen in DD2 so far is when all members in the group are participating and communicating, I would say 90% of the matches I've won in the pre-alpha have been on teams where communication is going on and everyone is participating in the build, these have also been the most enjoyable. When talking about ppl who know each other, some of what you're saying is fine. The issue is when you put a bunch of random ppl together online, too often no communication happens and you have everyone going off their own way, i.e. no teamwork, normally failure and less fun.
  15. But I don't get the same amount of mana? I only get 2 chests worth. "Does it really matter if you get 50 mana instead of 100?" The drawback is that it is a pointless feature that only serves to limit you. How is limiting you dynamic in any way? If all chests without keys give you 100 mana (let's say 4 chest and 25 in each chest), then with 2 keys each chest would give you 50 mana, i.e. 100 mana as well. It's dynamic because you can change the number of keys players get in game in various ways, i.e. server side balancing, difficulty setting, game mode, equipment, abilities, hero, etc... As far as you saying it limits you, what is being limited?
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