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  1. I know that there isn't being done any work on other heroes before the 4 original heroes are well polished (and the game is). But when summoner will be made, I think that it would be interesting to give him a weapon (like an orb or a spellbook) which lets him jump into one of his summoned units and control said unit. This is waaaaay into the future, and some people might not like the idea for summoner, as the summoner hero is based completely on units being controled and not active gameplay through the use of the hero. IMO it could also be used on another hero concept (if the summoner should b
  2. It was too OP as far as I remember. being able to always freeze with 100% certainty.
  3. I think this is the post you're referring to? Way it read to me sounded like they were saying it USED to be a thing. But yea I had suggested the same idea way back when in the "suggest a spec" thread so I do think it'd be a nice combo to add. If I remember correctly, it actually was a combo waaaaay back. (A long time ago when it was playtests in specific weekends) when it was just us Defense Counsellors.
  4. Our equipment was waaaay lower, as my friend wasn't even 25 and I just became 25. my best piece of gear was 102 and my worst (gloves) was around 60. most of my gear was in the 75-80. Ofc I expect it to be easy with better gear than intended, but I also expect it to be hard when the opposite is the case (lower gear than inteded)
  5. it would seem odd to nerf a combination that required 3 different players to successfully put together I take you in a game that forces you more or less to play as a team. You only need 2 players/ chars to break the game with AA+geyser+lightning aura.
  6. Yep, they should nerf that... Being able to permastun them is making it way too easy... I like the combo, but they changed the "drenched+frost = iceblocked minion" for a reason.
  7. Just to clarify... We went from 20+ to 25++ and still had no problems. This shouldn't be possible.
  8. I was playing with a friend just the two of us. He was lvl 24 huntress and I had just dinged to lvl 25. We entered the second map in gamblers passage (can┬Ęt remember map name right now) on 25++ and we beat it easily. We used geyser traps, lightning auras and AA towers. It was waaaaay too easy, I just want to know whether it is the AA+geyser that should be nerfed or if 25++ should be harder. The only problem we had was the one ogre who arrived in the last wave noone else came near our eggs (the main objective).
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