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  1. There are too many bugs need fix now,waiting the patch
  2. Hero reach lv 100 and keep grain xp,rune power point will add again.plz fix it
  3. this pics can prove something,u can stack 5 types armors stasts......
  4. i joined a public game and found my monk no wear any armors and weap,so i equip a helmet(in fact i had weared ). but the room is so lag to me, i quit the game. than i find the armors back(the helmet is that one i wear in the last game),and i take off all parts,the stats has changed,its should be 0. plz fix the bug asap(maybe some one has add 8 or more armors stats,that's not fun at all)
  5. i had farm C5 dragonfall sewers more than 20 times,but never see a relic with 7k+/9k+ status does TE nerf the relic status? or keep farming?
  6. Hey guys, I've experience some connection problems since the last patch. Sometimes when I play a map,suddenly the connection to the host has been lost. Anyone else having trouble with random disconnects?
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