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  1. My squire's cannon towers can reach Betsy from the same place as skyguards. I have around +19% tower range passive on trinket (is it still possible to drop post-patch?) and 2 range spheres, that gives me 3200 range on tier 1. It would be very long fight w/o monks support though. Also I'm not sure if this thread should be in Suggestions :)
  2. 1. This is obvious one: Every time while entering to the tavern (no matter which one) game shows me tutorial about war table. So when I am going through "Entry Tavern" and then "Private" or "Group" I have to watch this two times one-by-one. Of course I am forced to see it after every match. 2. I think, that War Recruiter bounding box is a little too large or missplaced. Beneath appropriate screens. I can talk too him even facing back. Aiming beneath him (last picture) doesn't highlight his model as expected. 3. It seems that there is an enemy object under the floor. Did I find some secr
  3. 1. Greystone Plaza inheritated name from first map: 2. Short names of items seems a little stretched(long names probably the opposite): 3. I dunno if it's feature or bug - all new collected items are stored in temporary bag despite others free space:
  4. Agreed. I have the same, and sometimes it's just muted for a couple of seconds.
  5. Playverse Username Burt This bug has 2 main problems. First one: One Sentence Bug Description Item can be bought from shop for selling price. How to make it: 1. Go to any tavern shop 2. Buy an item 3. Check your cash and item sell value Media Here I enclose example of bug I mention: BEFORE: AFTER: Further Details All shops have the same problem. Probably wrong property is set for buying command. Second one: One Sentence Bug Description After buying an item, it can be bought again, this time resulting with error: "Transaction error: Missing shop d
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