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  1. Ahh alright that would make sense. Just wished they would tone down the drop rate on the double power gear though, I don't really see it being better than a hero power/ability power or tower power/crit build.
  2. I was wondering if other people who farm on Abyss Lord are getting the same thing. Around 40-50% of all the gear that drops for me seem to be ability power + defense power. I read somewhere that you weren't supposed to be able to get a tower/dps combination pieces, when did they change that?
  3. Alright throne room ended up being way easier, thanks for the help and link guys!
  4. Alright I leveled up another AL and put him in archer spec, and was able to clear liferoot NM4 incursion. However I still have the problem that I can't seem to clear it consistently. It seems like my towers just keep getting killed by the drakins/flying kobolds no matter where I put them, and I haven't found a good place to place them where they won't generate too much agro or be in range of the drakins. Do you know any good builds with AL archers in liferoot?
  5. I'm currently trying to close the gap between NM4 and NM4 incursion. Currently I can clear all the waves of NM4 liferoot solo except the last one where it sends 3 ogres your way. However whenever I try NM4 incursion, I just get steamrolled at the very beginning of the first wave. As of the moment, I have several heroes, including: -Tower Squire (8.7k cannon, 6.9k ballista) -Walls Squire (244k hp) -Trap Huntress (1.9k dps exp traps) -Dps Huntress (~50k dps with charged proc, 36k without) -Purge Evil Monk (387% purge evil, 3.2k defense power) -Freeze Apprentice (+95 frostfire, 27% snowstorm, 30% frosty power) -Dps Abyss Lord (~30k with just drain, 4.3k ability power) With the exception of my Freeze App at i580, Monk at i623, and Wall Squire at i608, all my other heroes are sitting at i635-i660. Does anyone have any tips for NM4 liferoot incursion? My current build is something along the lines of 3 freeze/3 cannons/2 walls+boost/2 serenity per lane, and although I can clear waves decently with my Abyss Lord, my towers just don't have enough damage to kill off any enemies in the lanes I'm not in before they kill my walls. I've tried frosty/traps build, but all the kobolds just rush through my traps and explode at my wall, and my traps don't have enough power to kill off the javelin/t-rexs/anything remotely tanky fast enough. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  6. To add to this, I have also found another even weirder bug this morning. When I tried to log on, the game client was stuck at loading and I received another (smaller) error message here: http://imgur.com/uCRoaAQ The weird part is that I was able to click on stuff that was behind the client. I was able to minimize my steam page (even though it was behind the client). If you look at the top right of the screenshot, I have my pointer over the "minimize" button, and am able to select and highlight the folder behind the button (Shown by the lighter blue square area around the folder).
  7. The game seems to crash when I try and join a map. What happens is that after the game finds a session and does its countdown, the game will just freeze and crash. It has happened every time when I've tried joining a game with a group, and happens very often when I try and join a game solo. It seems to also happen when I try to travel from Town > private tavern. Occasionally, I also get a long error message. Here is a link to the error: http://imgur.com/bSVviBe The bottom is cut off of my screen and I have no way of scrolling it down.
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