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  1. Hi! I've reached level 82 and nothing I do seems to give me experience anymore :( i've tried over and over to level up, but my experience keeps resetting after a mission. help, please? it's been two days since i've been able to get exp
  2. someone post another thread about how the update is taking longer than expected. it's never happened before, so we need more posts about it.
  3. Hey guys, I'm not very social - but I'm looking for a community that isn't just people begging to have others do work for them. I've got 7 50's (Jackpot Squire/Cannon Squire/Wall Squire/DPS Hunter/Trap Hunter/Mage/Monk) - most are between 700/710ish. I'm getting really bored of farming onslaughts and doing coin runs, but anytime i go into the social area it's nothing but people spam group inviting me. The public community seems to be a solid wall of nothing but people who want to be carried. I've been playing since the beginning, chose PS4 over PC because I'm enjoying couch life after wo
  4. First - Now that the Carnival has arrived, I can't seem to find any wyven token quests or information. Am I missing something obvious? Second - I bought the big bundle for carnival admissions, if I use those tickets on Insane difficulty because I can't find a group for harder, am I going to be missing out on loot/rewards/incentives that matter?
  5. I was going to write something long and thought out, but no one, including Trendy, cares. I hate that I love dungeon defenders so much. Please just give us DD1 on PS4. Or hire an employee who will update this community more than 3 times a year
  6. no one hacked sony, they jailbroke the ps4 and sony took down psn for an emergency fix
  7. The ability to mute other players without complicated sorcery. better grouping system. acknowledging that this game will not and can not survive without improving the social aspect of the game. also, the ability to open up a map after building the towers would be nice.
  8. yeah, its kind of starting to feel like its not trendy anymore. also, i'm having trouble resolving the fact that in their very first promotional event they are asking for 16 bucks. i have a feeling that this game is going to be way more of a cash grab than i had thought.
  9. yes, but will i still be able to get the costumes? :P
  10. Hey, Defenders. I've submitted a ticket but after getting what looks to be a canned response, I was wondering if anyone here could offer a suggestion. While I purchased a council seat for DD2, when I heard the PS4 announcement I decided to put my eggs in a basket and wait for the console version. I know the PC is better/newer/awesomer/etc, but I wanted to experience DD2 on my PS4, even if it meant buying the game multiple times. I love DD, and have gladly given you guys money more times than I can count. Now that the ass-kissing is out of the way, I know its a pre-alpha, and I'm cool
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