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  1. I have around 40 laptops in my home and multiple desktops, this issue happens on every single one of them along with countless other issues. Made a pretty substantial list of gamebreaking bugs for 9.0 and beyond outlining them somewhere in the bugs section. Even my gaming rig sitting at 32gbs of ram, an 8 core processor overclocked and watercooled running at 4.2ghz per core, dual high end gpus, etc etc; has these bugs happening. There's a substantial cpu leak in the exe and it wouldn't surprise me any if somethings wrong with how its relating info back and forth to the server as well. Well I am sadly pleased that it isn't something that's on my end. It has totally cut my time down to 0 hours in the past week because of it. They really need to find the issue and fix it asap. I generally have a decent amount of patience, but in this case. I've lost it. It's like driving a Ferrari and then dropping down to a Honda. You just want to stop till you get that luxury back.
  2. It's only happening on DD2. I have updated every driver I possibly can. I've even done clean installs of older drivers.
  3. Since this update to the harbinger awakens. I've had some really noticeable long loading and closing times. Before the patch, it would be instant. Now, just to start the game and close the game takes roughly about 6 minutes. The game runs fine, as it always has. I've verified game cache, uninstalled and reinstalled. Checked video card drivers. Rolled back my drivers. Even installed older drivers that I've never used. System Specs: 2.8ghz quad core Intel GTX 870M 3 gig Nvidia, and an onboard intel video card 1 Tb Hd and a 250 Gig SSD Windows 10 8 Gigs of RAM. If I am lacking any other information, just let me know please. Its been driving me nuts with the load times. Enough to where I've cut back my game time. Again, the game runs perfectly smooth once I get it loaded up.
  4. I used to get them to drop every single time I would play NM3 Greystone. Something changed though. And now I have yet to see one. I never kept them either because my buddy had a monk and I did not. So I really didn't think much of the item. Especially since every single time we would play, it would drop. All I can find anymore is toxic shot. Occasionally chilling touch too. I just wish it would pop up. It's what is holding my monk back right now.
  5. Please move it further away. Its extremely difficult to defend when spear throwers/ bomb throwers can just hit it from the upper spot from spawn. They easily walk out side of the spawn zone. Move near the side ramp where a broken box is, and from that distance away. They hit it. 1-4 times when playing, they hit the west gate control. It doesn't have to be moved much. Just a tad bit. Or reduce the range of the enemies. The red arrow indicates the spot that they hit the gate from.  This is not a screen shot from my game.
  6. Does the legendary polearm still drop at all with Evil Purge? I have a really crappy one and have solo played 37 maps now. That's only keeping track of what I've done for today/yesterday. Not a single drop. I've actually been trying to get a better one for a little over a week now. My hopes of getting a better one have ran out.
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