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  1. Thank You! I play Dun Def on PC now, but I'm glad my PS3 syncing issues are finally over. I guess I have to just reset the game tutorial on the PS3 version, so that I can get the "Good Student" trophy, it still shows up as not achieved yet.
  2. Hey, I actually registered just to give you props for making this thread. I made the mistake of buying this game and getting into it only to find out console is a joke to the devs. It's like picking up a good book, and getting to the juicy interesting parts and then blank pages. 50,000+ plus copies sold on console, that's $750,000 in bonus revenue for a PC conversion and 50,000+ consumers who would be willing to pay another 10-15 for DLCs. Of course Microsoft and Sony takes 25-30% and leaves you guys with $525k initally but why did Trendy even bother getting into bed w/ console releases if
  3. Patching a game and delivering DLC are very different processes on console. Do the trophies eventually sync or do they never sync? Also is an error thrown, or no error is ever shown? And this happens every time you try to view your trophies? Normally, trophies have to sync after you've played a game and gotten more trophies since the last syncing. It shouldn't have to sync right after syncing to look at some trophies, then going back into trophies again. Ever since playing Dungeon Defenders, it has to sync every single time you go to trophies, you can go in, then go out, and go back to tro
  4. We've said this before, but we've contacted our contacts at Sony multiple times about the issue and unfortunately can't do anything about it until they get back to us. ? You've contacted your contacts at Sony multiple times and they haven't gotten back to you? How'd you contact "your contacts", twitter? I don't get replies from companies on twitter either. This is ridiculous, back to redirecting blame. It's all the console companies fault yet again according to Trendy. We have not 1 patch yet, blame the consoles. Every other game, including small Indie games get multiple patches when necess
  5. Hey classic22, get them to add some other minor bugs to the official console bug list. There's a bug on PS3 when you put the incoming voice chat volume down, it keeps the marker where you put it, but when you exit the game and load it back up - it doesn't actually register at where you have the setting. As in, it shows the volume level where you put it, but when people talk, it's actually at the regular louder setting and you have to go and move the marker forward and back to make it register again. I'm pretty sure it does this everytime you exit the game and load up. It probably does it with
  6. In response to DLC and Patches, it's not a matter of us prioritizing one before the other it's a matter of one being potentially possible before the other. I'm not sure I understand. So, the bigger bugs that were found pretty much on day 1, like the trophies not showing and the constant trophy syncing issue weren't possible to patch before this new DLC was created? I thought it was that you guys were trying to go as long as you could without supporting the consoles to avoid paying to patch the game more than once. Plus, I'm pretty sure Sony doesn't charge $10,000 per patch for developers. I
  7. Nope, check one of the other threads, they've said that they "can't" put the patches in the DLC because it would "make the players with the DLC and the players without it be playing two different games" or some similar business-speak for "we just want your money". I don't get it. They would have put the patch actually "inside" the DLC? I'd think it would come along side the DLC where everyone gets it the next time they play the game, like with lots of other games when they get big DLC. It has a mandatory patch for everyone. Yeah, looks like they're just doing whatever gets them more profit
  8. Very good question. I for one think it will not have the patches we are looking for, but new content. Also moved to console section. Seriously? What, they've mentioned that they haven't submitted the patches, but they have submitted the new DLC? Lots of times when games get new DLC, they also get a mandatory patch for everyone to keep everything calibrated. It would almost definitely be needed for a game like this where people complain that they can't get into games with people who have the PS+ DLC when others don't have it. So, it would be the best time to add the necessary patches.
  9. Wait... they are saying they didnt advertise it? And now not a priority? What the hell are those things doing on your official website then? Dungeon Defenders GDC IGN Preview March 4th, 2011 by pmasher As many of you know, we spent a good chunk of this past week at GDC showing off Dungeon Defenders cross-platform play at GameSpy’s booth. Well, during that time we had the chance to catch up with the awesome folks at IGN! We sat down and talked about the game’s delay, our XBLA publisher issues, all the new content we’ve added recently and more! Check out their awesome article/preview of Dun
  10. Well, I contacted Sony again and after spending an hour on the phone, the supervisor I spoke to said he WOULD give me a refund if he could, but he just couldn't because he would get in trouble for it, since the letter of the law of the PSN doesn't say anything about cross-platform. This is, again, 100% inexcusable. I have a Trendy employee right here explicitly stating that he hopes I can get my refund, but I can't, because Trendy put the game on the PSN in a way that gets around any kind of repercussions for not delivering on a feature that that promised (but didn't "guarantee" LOL). The
  11. We will post as we have more information. Cross-platform is a feature that we really want to implement. We also want to get fixes and improvements via patches to Console users. Unfortunately many things are simply out of our hands. We are working day and night on our product and hope you guys can bare with us. WOW! "Cross-platform is a feature that we really -want- to implement." So now, cross-platform isn't even necessarily coming at all? LMAO, this is just ridiculous now. Whatever, just fix the PSN trophy issues so I can be clear of this games outstretching bugs.
  12. Actually, the point is that they're not even communicating with the console players. They're probably not even being honest - I am nearly certain that cross-platform playability will never happen, and they know it, but are not admitting it. The problem is only made worse by the fact that, as I mentioned, this game has sold EXTREMELY well on the consoles. They'd pretty much be closing their coffin for any future released if this were the case. There's many people that got the game based off the cross-platform play promise. I for one didn't even know it wasn't cross-platform multiplayer on
  13. Your 1200MS points do not entitle you to constant updates and coddling. PC gaming is more open, you might not like it, I might not like it, but it seems like most of the community will happily jump to defend Microsoft, but an Indie developer who had the balls to release on a platform where most of the community have never even heard of tower defence is the ****ing devil because they don't update often enough? I don't get it guys, and if someone would enlighten me, I'm all ears. Who here is defending Microsoft? Microsoft is one of the greediest companies around. They are single-handedly ruin
  14. Maybe they're afraid that fixing the trophies will be looked at by Microsoft as the game not being inferior on PSN, so they are holding back.
  15. Let me know how that refund goes. I also only got the game because the cross-platform multiplayer that was being bragged about nonstop. You're definitely right about the "special events" being near impossible to enter, I'm not even trying anymore. After this whole fiasco though, the Trendy name has dropped down the list right off the bat for me. Good luck with trying to get them to admit Microsoft is the bad guy, they're not gonna bite the main console hand that feeds them. I won't be buying any DLC, that's for sure. They're so hush-hush about it and so uninterested in keeping us up to date &a
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