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  1. Thank you for making that clear :) Ending in 5 hours
  2. Auctioning my Rockshatter since I am low on cubes and diamonds. C/O: 85 cubes Diamonds are valued at 5/10/15 Ending at Friday 21st of April, 21:00 GMT+1 Offers on that day will extend the auction for 24 hours Please keep bid increments serious. There is a hidden reserve Happy Easter
  3. 10 cv on the capping boots
  4. Tora

    Price Check

    very nice tower boots should start at 20 at least
  5. What was a more important invention than the first telephone? The second one
  6. I can sell my cavalry, dont know what its worth though.
  7. It was a great idea in gerneral to buff towers which had mostly no use in nightmare. This brings back the games variety to end-game players along with new content. Looking forward to build with more bowling ball towers and magic missile towers. Steam trading cards are also something I always missed in the game. I am wondereing what kind of cards there will be. If the cards are the different classes I think it would be a nice addtion to add bosses as well. Updating this once I found time to play the beta
  8. single cap on 357 ult chain chest
  9. Also, a singlecap on the set to start
  10. If this doesn't meet the reserve i would be interested in the vest. Btw, you might want to edit the title since it's chain
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