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  1. Dont worry. I cant cant kill NM1 siege rollers without a wall that i am repairing and a maxed out serenity aura healing my dps huntress as i shoot siege roller in the back for several minutes. If theres 2 its GG i cant even farm for better gear in the current state of the game with all my characters at 699 IPwr. Hopefully the new update doesnt suck and gearing is much easier. Not being able to do content to get better gear because you require better gear to begin with is stupid.
  2. Im willing to bet defender medals are being removed from the game and everything will be bought with gold, including new characters. Only reason why they wouldn't compensate us the currency we spent, by giving us an alternative currency that will have more value.
  3. Pretty funny when people say siege roller is fine just use this new hero + this new hero that not every one has. I only got ev2 and summoner so i fond siege rollers to be quite annoying. Especially when they can snipe a crystal from spawn when you are no where near it.
  4. Also the xp bonus from having level 50 original heros in your deck does not work. You get no bonus at all. Leveling new characters sucks right now.
  5. 1. Is trading ever going to be a thing? 2. Will we ever be able to decorate our private tavern, or will we ever get trophies for achievements that appear around our private tavern? 3. Will an item that drops from a map that is a crafting material for something amazing ever be introduced into the game? Example: Coal from christmas related maps in I think DD 1. 4. Will there ever be challenge events for limited time event only items like in DD 1. Sort of like the event for new dryad area to get a weapon for each class, but actually difficult and actually rewarding. Im talking the really good items like rainmaker or boneyard blade that exceed the limits of other gear in the game or have some special mechanic (not passive related). As for challenges im thinking maps with D.U limitations, but not an overall D.U limitation like 200 less D.U for example. Im talking things like cant use towers with a cost over 3 or defenses are drenched in oil and fire 50% slower and can be ignited. Even challenges like Ogre Offensive where only ogres spawn with increased speed or more health, or better resistances, or immunities (Maybe a chrome enemies ogre only challenge with each ogre spawn having the potential to be a siege roller). I really want to see more actual challenge related content with valuable rewards like in DD1. 5. Will there ever be a pet that can have over 400 into hero stats (defensive or offensive based) or will pets ever be able to actually do noticeable DPS or will they always be a stat stick with an active ability. 6. Will pets ever give a passive ability to your hero? 7. Will we ever have warping cores? 8. Will we ever see Boss Rush in DD2? 9. Will we ever see heroes with a subclass. Ie a huntress who at level 50 has the option of becoming a ranger or an assassin with changes to her skills and what weapons she can use based on the sub class choice, with new gear oportunities. (I would prefer sub classes of existing heroes to make less viable characters better than the addition of new heroes or remakes of old heroes). 10. Will heroes ever be able to level past 50 like in DD 1? 11. Will we ever get Pure Strategy mode dedicated entirely to a pure tower defense style of gameplay with no risk of dying? These are all things that I believe should be in the game in some way. These are what got us interested in this franchise to begin with and it feels like Trendy has strayed away from what we all enjoyed about the first game. I would love to know how you guys feel about these mechanics from DD1 not being present in DD2.
  6. Remember the days where the best way to wreck ogres was to level up the elemental damage on a weapon making it possible for even a mediocre squire to wreck several ogres at once on a map solo that only spawned ogres? I miss those challenges on maps and achievements that rewarded you with something pretty awesome when you completed them all. That chicken pet was pretty boss. The companion cubes were pretty nice. And decorating your personal tavern to be a shop of your own was a ton of fun. Hell i wish there was a usuable crafting material you could farm that had real value like coal in the old christmas maps. I mean i love DD2 but it has torn away all the little things i enjoyed from previous games.
  7. Where will the shards drop? Im sure some are map specific, some are random drops, and some are from skill sphere merchant, and maybe a couple for tokens.
  8. I think this forum is losing out on a lot of possible traffic for not having a subforum dedicated to guides written by players of this community. One of the first things I do before I play any RPG or MMORPG is look for guides to get a general idea of how the community is playing the game and building their characters. Essentially trying to figure out what is META if there is PVP for example so I can build a character specifically to counter said builds. The same information can be used to help me gain currency through trade and so on. Someone who wants to play this game specifically and wants a template or guidance on how to play their heroes or map layouts for success will only have 2 places to easily find that information. Youtube, and the steam community forums which happen to have a guide section, albeit some of which are outdated. I would love for a guide section to be added to these forums. It will bring a lot of traffic to these forums especially when the future changes to the game are implemented with passives becoming item drops, characters having slots on gear for passives, and so on. This will be huge in that this forum would be the best place to go for updated accurate guides written by some of the most dedicated players in the community. Something that would easily disappear in general discussion.
  9. If this is merged with general discussion I would want a way to tag post as PS4 specific or a rule that requires [PC] or [PS4] in thread titles. It seems this forum model may not support tagging. Maybe the ability to put an emote or icon in thread title with a PS4 or sony icon / emote will be possible. I guess the bigger question you are asking is "is there a reason to have a PS4 specific subforum?" when pc and console are essentially identical or will be. The biggest reason to have one is to filter the console community into 1 place where they can receive advice or get help in game from other players who also play console. This can still be done if this forum is merged but all console player posts will have to put PS4 in thread title. That may or may not be an issue for you. Part of the reason why this subforum may seem inactive is because i dont believe as many players play console, and i dont believe many of said players use this forum. I believe most will search youtube for tips and guides. The same is probably true for the pc version and steam which has hundreds of guides in the steam community. If you can add a way to make console specific threads easily recognizeable then please merge this subforum so our topics get more views and advice and tips and discussions are easier to come by. At least then if a pc player views a thread of a console player they can give advice and know whether or not they can directly help the player in game or not, as well as not give pc controls as advice, and so on.
  10. The problem is i dont have the new characters after EV. Likewise i dont have an OP PDT huntress that can easily do over 300k dps with a buff beam. I shouldnt be forced to have a specific character to progress. I was able to do all content in the game beforehand now all of a sudden i cant even do NM1 maps without wasting large periods of time killing these stupid siege rollers. Now their going to be removing passives from gear and making passives on gear lock to a specific class. Their essentially ruining all the progress i already made in this game. I can level a dps huntress fine. I dont want to, but i can do it. But we only have so many character slots. In fact im going to have to delete a character just to make a dps huntress. Even if i had the tokens to get one of the newer characters, id still have to delete some one. My problem is not with the rollers. I know how to kill them i just need to waste time making a new character and slowly gear it up as i cant even play content at my level without doing so. Thats the real problem here. Im being forced to do content i have already surpassed because i need a specific character to progress. Gone are the days where you have the freedom to build only towers if you have appropriate gear. It is now mandatory that you have a dps character. And not just any dps character, but one that has to be either a huntress, or the gun witch (glitch witch), not counting the glitched dps monk. My dps EV and Squire might as well be trash as they are completely useless when fighting siege rollers (My 700+ IPWR EV does nothing to siege rollers yet i see some one has found a way to kill siege rollers specifically with her bombs, although mine does nothing. Meaning I would require some specific gear that i cant even get because i cant even do NM content with siege rollers).
  11. So I have recently returned to the game this week. I have 10 characters over 690 IPWR. At least 1 of every character up to EV not counting Gun Witch, Dryad, and Lavamancer. I am currently unable to do any Nightmare difficulty maps in the game in its current state despite being well geared. Not even nightmare 1 maps... The problem being these steam rollers which i for the life of me cant kill under most circumstances. I was able to complete the new terraria themed map on NM 3 and that was only because i used summoner to place a colossus with 1.5m hp in its path and repaired it for about 10 minutes straight as i killed the thing with my dps summoner. I am having trouble killing these when i dont have a dps huntress. My EV does no damage with any of her skills and shes geared for hero damage and ability power. My huntress who is a traptress can kill it from behind if i dont get nuked to death, which is the case after only 2 or 3 hits. If you stand near a crystal the roller will destroy it in 1 shot with a rocket. My AP squire can tank it forever if i have some way to heal (like if i had a dryad for her tree, but i dont) as my squire takes almost no damage while blocking and using the sword that shoots fire. At the same time however he does little to no damage and none of his skills do any good damage at all. My only dps based characters are EV and squire and none of them are able to kill one of these things without a super high hp wall, such as colossus, and mana to repair said wall, while i spend literally 10 minutes or longer killing one of these things. Yes I have already figured out that attacking from behind does more damage. Yes I have seen that an EV can nuke one of these to death spamming her bombs and blowing them up (although apparently my guys bombs suck). I know a dps huntress can kill it quickly from behind given you are not wrecked by its ranged attacks which granted you can dodge. I have always been under the impression that progress would never require you to have a specific character who is built a specific way. Im more of a tower builder than a dps player so most my characters are built for defense. My only dps characters do no dps at all to this enemy. So now i have high IPWR characters but cant even do content around my IPWR. Essentially I am being forced to play non NM content to change my huntress or level a new huntress for dps to be able to kill these in NM1, then re gear her through each NM difficulty until she finally has NM4 DPS capable gear so i can finally do content I was already able to do before hand. I personally do not like this change and I hope it is changed to be more friendly to dps characters of all kinds not a select few.
  12. There is no way to cater to hardcore and casual players at the same time. People who are good at map building and have strong characters will have no reason to play when they consolidate passives to 1 piece, and re roll our gear. I got plenty of 750 ipwr gear that I am not using because they don't have the stats I want. They are completely fixing this issue for me, which in turn gives me no reason to continue playing the game. I would not say I am truly hardcore as I only have 200 hours on DD2 on console, but all my characters are extremely good, 750+ ipwr if I decide to actually upgrade the gear I have. I am waiting on that since this update is coming in the future which might give me the option of swapping some of my gear around. Thanks to EV2 being my only viable dps character (I got a dps squire) I can now complete all the maps on NM4 difficulty. Casual players will now be able to catch up to NM4 even easier than it already was but leaving there no content for the hardcore players. The only thing we got right now is the ability to farm coins, which is not fun to begin with. Likewise because casual players are going to get to NM4 significantly faster, they too will also run out of things to do. All I see in the near future is a decline in the player base, until the update that changes how enemy ai interact with one another which might make the game challenging again, and also be the reason EV2 and Summoner are so OP that this game is easy.
  13. With the upcoming update they are consolidating passives for entire builds onto a single item. This means that my characters will only need 1 item to do an entire build and every other piece can literally be any item with the 2 main stats I need. This is going to significantly reduce replay-ability, and also make gearing any new character in the future extremely easy as you don't require anything other than a single item. Having the ability to re-roll stats in the future as well would make it to easy to make nearly perfect gear. Personally I am not a fan of the idea of consolidating passives onto a single item. If they add more single items that change how you use each character like Diablo 3 does with set items, sure maybe it could work, as we would be farming several different passives that hopefully would not stack with other passives that currently require entire sets of gear to make effective. Simply making gear roll towards what the new classes will use would be better. Example hero damage and ability power roll together for AL and EV2, and defense health with anything roll together for AL, while Defense Power and Defense crit roll together for EV2. The likelihood of getting a hero damage related item mixed with defense tower stats is far too high.
  14. No one would spend 1m gold to re-roll a stat or passive on a piece of gear. Not many people also have any where close to 1m gold, most likely around the 100-200k range. If gold was easier to get I would say sure, but since jackpot doesn't stack as it should, there is no easy way to farm gold, even with a squire using all jackpot items. Simply the fact that it is easy to complete end game maps currently for gear is reason not to waste that gold only to have that money go straight into the trash with nothing in return, because what are the chances the stat will actually improve, it could just as easily get worse and even make it more difficult to complete maps. Upgrading items is already expensive enough, let alone trying to re-roll stats.
  15. To be fair even the complete x type of maps ones are not really that time consuming if you are willing to just drop the difficulty to campaign easy and just throw a few towers down and afk. I would rather the dailies give increased drop chance for higher rarity items when you complete those maps at increasingly higher difficulties, just like they do when you first complete 5 different maps currently. Maybe make it so they dailies available to you are based on your overall item power progression. So instead of getting complete x map (dragonfall bazaar ect) you get complete x map (bastille or unholy catacombs). This makes it so end game players are not forced to complete content that is not beneficial. Doing a daily other than beat X boss specifically just to get medals is not motivational since you are wasting time that could be spent actually progressing your characters. This is why Diablo 3 is so popular because although it is repetitive it always gives players a sense of progression. Not on the same level as say Path of Exile, but it does always make you feel like you are actually accomplishing something. The fact that you can get medals just from playing maps means people will just do the maps that will give them better gear, and if they get a daily for the area then its a bonus. Some would probably argue that going out of your way to complete these dailies (specifically the beat x map ones) is beneficial simply because they give you medals. If you have no medals at all that would be true, or if you need the medals to get large spheres or an under-powered uber sphere you can get that to. But when you got all the skill spheres for EV2 and Abyss Lord you are only farming medals to unlock a future character. When getting medals is not your primary focus there is no motivation to do time consuming dailies as you will get them over time anyways just doing content that has the potential to be rewarding. Eventually a new character will be released, we will spend every single medal we have just to get them, then be forced to do dailies we don't want to do just to get their large spheres. As a side note, maybe add dailies related to hero skills. Use provoke 100 times, do 100m hero damage, recover 100k hp through x class healing skill, ect. Likewise increase medal cap to a minimum of 17k, making it possible to save 12k for a new hero and have 5000 to get an uber or skill spheres for the new character they want to unlock. I don't understand why the cap is 12k and new hero's also cost 12k.
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