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  1. Servants Quarter (BETA build) minions can only be placed and moved on the stair pieces(tiles) they have no pointers to the map and can not be summoned in other places and it gives no minion move command when trying to move off stairs. I've done with with 10 other people in games of me hosting some them hosting some. needs to be fixed
  2. Back to visit this page again. I feel that the DDE pets are a good direction for this. But still need some polishing.
  3. I feel that towers and players should have a minimal HUD to work with so clean and efficient but still have one for all the things that need to be seen to make the game as fun as possible. one idea i had was that there should be a way to scale what is displayed on the HUD in levels of LOW MED HIGH for LOW being the hardly any thing being shown on the HUD and HIGH being every thing you could ask for. Please let the customization be awesome :)
  4. You could hit them off your selves but would move slower while they are on you. and yes they would be easy to kill when u notice them :)
  5. Shall you choose on what you dont know or what you will hope to achieve?
  6. This bubble like elastic creature has short stubby arms and legs but has a big mouth with a tongue that softens things up. it will often try eat things larger than its self. it feeds on crystal, metal, wood, stone and any other assortment of things it finds. some people call them a pest and some find them to be bad omens for castles near farms as they would eat all the valuables in a castle. The name Podling come from the pods that the mothers drop from the sky in hopes that their offspring will find food. Valuables that have been locked up have been known to go missing on account of the door
  7. Buying the heroes in game with in game money would be good so you can buy some of them that you want and feel like you earned them with out feeling like you are hurting your pocket book or just finding your self with taunting option of being the collector and having to own them all.
  8. Oooo pretty things to look at :) I like it
  9. oooo I dont not like clicking my middle mouse it is not my thing XD maybe another key?
  10. Making the game fun with the step animation is a cool thing
  11. Happy cows are the only cows that make real cheese!
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