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  1. your stats being reset is in the not. it had to do with the new way of earning SAS points.
  2. Also did not get my medals for the weekly nor did i get a daily.
  3. Is this what is also causing me to loop on the loading screen while trying to get into a tavern ? if so its still bugged and about 75% of the time i cant load in and have to force crash my game.
  4. Other then a promise long ago about redoing the monks ranged attack nothing has been stated. They said this right after ranged weapons (for huntress/apprentice) got their change to rate of fire and shot type. That was many many months ago and we are not likely to see anything done with it till the first 4 get revamps.
  5. LOl same. i had to do a double read on the email myself. I hate random chance things like this. Bad enough loot drops hate me but now so to email codes. I think RNGesus is demanding a blood sacrifice.
  6. So i just did this myself. The email you got was titled something like "He Has Risen" correct? the email reads The Abyss Lord is here! To celebrate the arrival of our first new hero, here's a gift! This code has a chance to give you an Abyss Lord or up to 200 Defender Medals! So that code is not for sure going to give 200 medals its a random thing and so is the AL. the other email for watching the video is 200. I have claimed both in the past hour.
  7. Going to have to agree with GreenDragon on this one. Its most likely an issue of not wanting to tip their hat plus needing to be able to change things that don't work without the community loosing there minds. Every little thing they say or do, even when bracketed with "hope. might. Maybe one day" all get taken as the gospel word of Trendy and that it will happen. I know Trendy has a history of working hand-in-hand with the community but there are somethings that just have to be handled in-house to keep the game on a stable course.
  8. Do we know how it will drop? random loot or will it have to be earned on a set map and certain difficulty.
  9. This is emBEARassing but add my name to this list. Also i want some BEARrows for my huntress
  10. know bug dont rebind space for right now
  11. random level. just like the normal egg it hatches form. This is why so many of us are screaming to be allowed to put the skin on after we hatched them. so they can be put on leg pets and be useful
  12. log out log back in. the pet screen is buggy as hell.
  13. Just the pet based on the way it reads. think of it like a oops gift. They are lower the requirements just for this month nothing anywhere says they are going to suddenly nerf monthlys. Only this one so people can go and do it if they wanted the tokens and title. As for the third one I have no clue. If i was a betting man i would say yeah some people would be able to try for a third as the system seems to have forgotten if you have done it or not.
  14. they explode on contact. i have launched into a group and seen damage ticks pop up as they entered the group
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