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  1. "We know it’s not perfect, nothing ever is, but we love it and we are proud of it and we want you, our wonderful community, to be able to connect with our new game and remain a valuable part of the community we created the DD franchise to foster and grow in the gaming world." Do you also love that you screwed over the people who bought the game for $40? Players who put in hundreds of hours before the release, left positive and/or constructive reviews and reported bugs and errors? Are you proud that you lied to the people who had faith in you and invested in your unfinished and broken product? I don't have any more money to give you, goodbye.
  2. Practically wiped all pre-release progress and stole more than $10 from me. Don't expect me to pay for DLC after this trick, or anything you release for that matter. I see how you treat people who believe you.
  3. Now how am I going to spend two more days in quarantine without the demon lord update...
  4. Boney wings would look really cool. That's it. Seriously speaking though I think a skeletal Dryad would be a great skin, extra spooky with the corrupted form. Also since all of Dryad's towers are alive there'd be a chance for (un)dead tower skins as well. I don't know about anyone else but I'd pay money for that.
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