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  1. Mines Barbie the Barbarian.... Or Mary the destoryer
  2. Well it is a tower action defense game not just a TD. You could easily afk farm levels in DD2 once you get the right set up but people complained about this. About not engaging matches. So they added Drakenlord. Which is a great boss to prevent afk farming. As I said this is a action tower defense rpg game or tower defense action rpg? Interaction from the player is like one of the main things what make DD stick out. Although to please everyone a pure strat mode be good.
  3. one of the newer things they added to onslaught was omega waves. I've yet to encounter them but I think in all lanes all mini boss's show up at once or something.
  4. 1k was probs my limit. I was doing some pure strat on mystmyre forstest and it seemed to cap at 1.1K mobs per wave and it seemed just about what I can handle per wave.
  5. Oh I know. I ment it as a examble for work arounds. To help make the gamr seem like it can do big areas ok same way there be a work around for the consoles to have 100+ enemies out.
  6. Well with Game devs theres always work arounds you can do. Like in Spryo, how they handled big areas was when you went up/down a long corridor or up on those wind lift things that lifted you up slowly was so that it was giving the game time to load the next area. I notice in DD2 it was more reduce frame rate on mobs a fair distance away.
  7. Wohooooooooooooooooo The Kickstarter has reached 100% of it's final Form goal! Time to celebrate!
  8. Thats why im playing DD1. Plan on platting it on ps3 and its no walk in the park.
  9. Well that was TE this is CG with UE4. With DD2 it might just have been other issues but with DDA it could be different.
  10. Then buy 1 as soon as you get enough medals. You dont really get a advantage when saving up for them nor do you need to buy all 10 in one go unless Im missing something?
  11. 1. I don't see the reason for this unless your gonna save something up to what the max limit is. The most expensive item for DM's at the moment is a pet egg at 7.5K. So unless your saving up for something over the limit there is no need to go beyond it. I'm saving mine up now but only got like 1K whereas before I was constantly spending them. 2. What would be better if any material go directly to the vault bag. 3. I'm on PS4 so I don't use A but 100% yes for easier hero swapping during build phase. 4. On Ps4 but I do use a KB for it so I wouldn't mind this,
  12. As Zajenc said, you would need multi copies of the game as this falls down to having a license to play the copy of the game on the said platform.
  13. I think it will be put in but at a later date if the flex goal isn't met. The way I see it the flex goals ain't something that, if we don't achieve it in flex goals we're never gonna implant it. More of a, if we get enough funding then we can hire more people to implant this for release date, otherwise once DDA launches and things go well we'll implant this feature in a later update.
  14. Good morning all. So I was doing some onslaught this morning and had the Forrest Bio Dome map. Cleared and it and the golden ingot spawned. So normally I don't bother as it's just 2 peices of extra loot but I thought, you know what? Stuff it, I'll go. Glad I did because it dropped a relic with a 9/10 def rate. May not be a 10/10 but still a 9/10 isn't too shabby, Care to share some of your RNG good luck stories?
  15. Hi all. So due to reasons unknow I cant download from the EU store the 4th DLC lost shards from the eu psn. I was wondering if I make a NA accout and downloaded it will I still be able to play it on my EU account?
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