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  1. Yeah I can imagine that being a major time sink. Probs should increase min floor limit
  2. So after maybe a year or so of not playing. I'm back to dd2 for a while! Taking on Onslaught and the *shudders* mastery mode. Not my fav and slightly buggy mode but I need me some shards. And shortly after I come back. I see a DD2 update. Nice
  3. Is this confirmation of a pet shrek? Or a Shrek boss?! :o
  4. You can mostly with chaos and the deeper you dive in before reset, the deeper your starting floor will be.
  5. I like that idea, maybe do a limit of Max 3-5 Omni Shards. So you still have a reason if you end up with the same shard. Also maybe you could Meld 10 Shards of the same type into 1 Omni Shard?
  6. Have you tried exiting and re-entering the game again? Also what platform do you play on?
  7. Not that I noticed at the end of matches, but sometimes when I'm plexed on what could have caused it, I rewatch a video on my PS4 and then see what happens. Most of the time it's either a Hex Javlin thrower or a Kobold crashing into it.
  8. Yeah I've got those mods myself and love them to bits. I play Barb which means I can have 6 weapon mods and it's yummy as heck.
  9. I think any? If your on PS4 I can give you one. Got one spare myself.
  10. Before you fully leave DD2, any chance of a farming mode for it? I'd love to farm more in the game but just rebuilding every 5 waves is a hassle.
  11. Dont necro post threads. Espically since its Off topic :p
  12. Maaaybe if DD2 had some form of chat with other players or some form of you cant do this floor until you beat this mode/challenge etc.
  13. Sounds like maybe, since its 3 waves you knock his HP back so much it thinks its in wave 3/3 where it should be 2/3. So like skiping a HP Phase.
  14. To be fair a attack so OP that soft locks a boss with that much health needs dialing back :p so what happens when you super whack him?
  15. Because she was very lacking in the costume department. Also, really enjoying these incursions and can't wait to collect all the weapons.
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