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  1. Maaaybe if DD2 had some form of chat with other players or some form of you cant do this floor until you beat this mode/challenge etc.
  2. Id say just make it all the same for all players. Builder or DPS.
  3. Sounds like maybe, since its 3 waves you knock his HP back so much it thinks its in wave 3/3 where it should be 2/3. So like skiping a HP Phase.
  4. To be fair a attack so OP that soft locks a boss with that much health needs dialing back :p so what happens when you super whack him?
  5. Because she was very lacking in the costume department. Also, really enjoying these incursions and can't wait to collect all the weapons.
  6. Mastery offers 1k+ defender medals but it be really hard for new players to do. DEF medals are like the super grind currency. So dont exspect to hit cap in 1 month. So keep doing weeklies n dalies and you be fine.
  7. Alienated how? If your on about the pc/switch being released first that aint alienating nor can you say they lost support in anyway. Sure some people are peeved about but still gonna support the game.
  8. once you roll 288, roll another 288 times for the 10/10
  9. I dont mind it if we get a few more fine tunes to it. Like if in the hud it shows what torches have been frozen. Less torches, I feel its abit of a cluster of torches I find. Maybe not so random dragon moments. Like set phases.
  10. It depends. I dont think Nintendo is funding DDA directly but more offering support for it to be released on there console first. So if they giving CG funds Id imagine it be to dev time for switch. Not to meet all there goals. But who knowsm
  11. I didnt donate to the kickstarter because Ive got a son on the way now when it started. But If I did it would have been for the ps4. Ok it kinda sucks that ps4/xbox has to wait but if this means a better game in the long run due to this partnership deal then Im all for it. Weighing pros vs cons Id say the pros outweigh the cons and the only con is just waiting abit more. And now a days I honestly wish games devs choose the more time option to deliver a good game rather then the rush out peices of #*#@ we see now a days.
  12. It's like taking your car into the garage and saying it's broken....what's broken? The Steering? Radio? Tires etc? I've been playing on it for a while now and it's still playable for me. Sure some issues but I wouldn't say unplayable.
  13. You know what Im not sure. Maybe delete DD2 and redownload?
  14. Hello all, how we doing? Well after a short break I'm back onto DD2 for abit and that means hanging out with my fav mob. Dark Assassins (DA) DA's are something that sounds cool but also stupidly annoying IF you need to do some hero action. I.E taking out the Draken Lord. I had a few issues earlier with taking him out as I kept getting DA. DA's could work in the game but not when Draken Lord is out.
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