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  1. Invento do u have a the Dragonist with Penta x5 to sale? Dark Zaphire ps4
  2. Pets cools not just ugly things with good abailitys to be cool or transfer it to another pet like us with weapons Not loot boxes already someone say it is stupid I prefer pay for a good things to over and over the same items The trophies get experience or gold More customers like dd1 and not this new with basic colors and no cools stuff Make the wizard powerful it was wonderful but we need him more powerful I love this damn game I m still playing and need a real versus to other dd Warriors a little battle royal 6 vs 6 of something to team up and earn medals anyway idk More art obiusly I need my apprentice in cell background or PC You will have my money if u do it correctly (I Pre-ordered the game IAM old school player 6 years w u dude's)
  3. Hellow I always read the notes patches update and any other publicated notes but today I will ask help!! Ps4 DD2 Player I need a staff Penta x5 and 4s with a good or viable ability strength so And it's possible to get a blue dragolich? Dark Zaphire or Ayla Dark nickname both I
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