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  1. i would like to join stated playing this game like 2 month ago and dont have alot of good stuff even tho i play every day i am not that good to beat morago or misty to get good stuff psn Th3-Tray-Kill3r
  2. hi i got problem . i was not invited 3 times for monday event i got only 2. i woke up at 3:00 pm and i saw invite and press join it was full then i msg and no reply. i miss this event i really wanted the evemt item
  3. Hi can some one help me out by giving me some armor for defence please i been trying to find for lvl 78 whit 80 upgrades PSN Th3-Tray-Kill3r. i will trade for a skttle lvl 80 and 1 kairi the brave lvl 67
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