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  1. Just happened to me. Picked up a legendary shield and now it is gone, along with my Mythological monk medallion that I could really use. I hope Trendy figures this out soon.
  2. The more things that drop that don't end up in my temporary bag the better. If this were an end game mechanic I think it would really help out with all the trash drops.
  3. Someone has mentioned before that a dummy creep lane would be helpful for testing tower combos.
  4. It's all about making the tavern your own. Regal looking shop keepers, schmancy shop fronts, decked out target dummies, custom rugs, and tougher guards. Or you can have Paul Bunyun forging weapons, a mermaid in a water tank selling relics, Big foot manning the bar, and teddy bear guards. Whatever man, just give me options.
  5. I would like to see skins for the individual shopkeepers in the tavern. This can be extended to skins for their shops as well (I currently don't like the armor shop keeper and would love to see some choices here). I would also like to see an ability to randomize my favorite skins so that I would get a different shopkeeper each time I entered my tavern. I think the more customizable the better (i.e. the more parts that can be purchased individually).
  6. Even holding 'm' to drop mana continuously would be better than jamming my keyboard 60 times.
  7. 3. A button to set it to toggle viewspace. ie. only show loot collected this session, only show loot collected in previous map. stuff like that, instead of scrolling down and figuring it out (Which I used to have everything in folders so everything unsorted is new!) THIS MUST BE IMPLEMENTED! Each item that is picked up should have a border (or some visual) letting the player know what hasn't been looked at yet. This way when the player opens their bag after a few maps they can see everything they have picked up since the last time they cleaned out their bag. ALSO When looking at c
  8. I have a feeling that Trendy is setting up the Hero deck to have additional slots bought with real money. I don't think this is a good idea either. I am hoping they will just unlock as you progress through the game (please PLEASE be opened with progress).
  9. I agree to the "Bundle" pack as well. Map + Hero. Would the hero be unlocked right away? Or would you need to complete the map first on x difficulty? Always good to generate some conversation. Good question. I think it would be fun to have to unlock the hero in an expansion. I would want more than just a Hero plus a Map, but now we are in the area that I would just prefer more but would be willing to purchase.
  10. Those are listed as a trial. You know what you are walking into. You know you will be paying a subscription. That is not bait and switch in any way all at. It is pay to play, yes. I will happily play to play a game I thoroughly enjoy if there is truly enough content to warrant having to pay to play the game. Wait, I did that. I was happily paying $360 in EQ2 fees each year. Not one regret. I got more than my fair share of quality gameplay, socialization, community, etc during that time. That is why the MMO genre is capable of using a model like this. It is because how much it can offer. To kee
  11. I love the Dota2 model as a player, but I'm not sure it (or LoL) can be emulated completely. For one, Dota2 has over a hundred heroes to play; Two, it is more of a chess match game which you can play over and over again but remains new because of who you play against and the characters that you can play; And three, some of their money comes from competitions. One thing that they do that might work here is dropping chests with random loot that take keys (payed for with real money) to open. I would support this. If chests were to drop after a victory (or defeat) or if it was a rare drop from a
  12. The first time I had heard about the Dota2 workshop I was excited to make some items just for the fun of it. I didn't know that there would be any money in it for me, and when I heard that, I thought it was an amazing opportunity. In the end I didn't end up making any items because I just simply don't have the time to do so. But I think you are underestimating peoples desire to one: make something awesome, and two: make something that others will get to interact with. This is what drives all creative fields. Give people the opportunity to be creative and they will come. Give people reward
  13. I don't know about a javelin, but if I could pick up the dynamite that the kobolds drop and throw it back I would do that every time. It would also make it so that I wouldn't dread seeing them running down the lane.
  14. I think more has to be done than this, but this a good start.
  15. Eh idk, but I do see a lot more people with skins in league than in cosmetics in dota (pretty meaningless, but still). Also I know how many people purchase champions in league, so averaging I would imagine is much higher in league. However I could be biased because I prefer league over dota2. As far as I can tell the information just isn't out there to make this argument any more than conjecture. I agree that LoL has a great model, but Dota2 has the model that really feels Free to Play and they appear to be doing quite well.
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