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  1. First off all.

    I fell down from a place and broken my leg and foot!

    I came to the emergency room and so.

    Later on that day i was going to make a sharp stick for my lil brother then i cutted my finger ... ( The knife was deep into the finger. so i had to go and fix that when i came back home. i fell on my broken leg...

  2. 1st Get a good postition for your hands
    2st Learn to move your hands / fingers quick
    3st Learn where to run and where to build
    4st Get a 100 speed - Dont repeat this one.
    5st Learn the shortcuts perfect
    6st Try to parkour and learn to control asdw while jumping / building
    7st Repeat like 10 - 50 times Depends on how easy it is for you to learn.
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