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  1. DerpOuch, that kinda sucks. Could be worse though. But here's something to cheer you up. [spoiler]Also, you've just Edit: Goddamit hope noone saw that.[/spoiler] I guess im rick rolled
  2. First off all. I fell down from a place and broken my leg and foot! I came to the emergency room and so. Later on that day i was going to make a sharp stick for my lil brother then i cutted my finger ... ( The knife was deep into the finger. so i had to go and fix that when i came back home. i fell on my broken leg... WORST DAY EVER
  3. You're correct. :) We don't know. I Have Played A Epic Dungeon Defenders Custom Map Called MoonBase Will It Be That Map?
  4. Right Place For Begging Huh. I'm Not The One That Gives My Stuff On Ps3. I'll Tip Ya Going To The Guides Straight Away.
  5. I Still Think This Thread Is Epic! :)
  6. Huh So 2013 = No And 2014 Will It Go In Test Or Something?
  7. Since it is still in PreAlpha, no one really knows anything yet. I am sure we will find more out as it gets closer. Thx For Telling Me It!
  8. Banned for not letting me have enough fun Banned Because U Didnt Give Me Any Fun
  9. I Have Googled For Release Date And Everything . Im Waiting As Hell And I Cant Get Any Info Off The Release Date :) I Thought The Beta Has Opened :) EVERYONE THAT READS THIS DONT POST HERE I WANT A ADMIN OR SOMETHING TO CLOSE IT
  10. Banned because you spelled March wrong Banned Because U Forgot To Quote '-'
  11. When will it Release? ;) I WANNA PLAY IT!
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