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  1. All of my pets are small as hell, and not even worth taking a picture of, how the hell did you get one that big? After beating a challenge, I saw this bird icon that was bigger than every other bird icon for 500k in the vendor, of course I had to buy it. Invested into it max level to make it grow even more, I guess it was a lucky find.
  2. I'm not sure if they turned down the chance of getting one post-patch, but pre-patch I got a godly van wolfenstein. You can only get van wolfenstein in its godly form by playing hard, playing insane gives you a different weapon.
  3. What? elemental damage for huntress????? you know piercing shot is based off of your upgrading limited main damage right? The most important skill you have. Unless each weapon shot can kill the highest HP Orc or Ninja at 10 RPS, your DPS still matters. Anyways it appears I'm not getting through to you, If you prefer to play hybrid that's fine, but please don't pretend it's the best without any legitimate reasoning. The huntress shouldn't be repairing if there is a another class around, she should be killing, because no other class can demolish a lane of enemies like she can(no matter the d
  4. I'm almost certain the kobold screams are the same Serious Sam Headless Kamikaze screams with a higher pitch.
  5. I just want to say, I don't have stat gears yet because I am picky... while your 120 rule maybe good to not play with noobs... I can say even with less damage I am more valuable even in my 1/19 gears due to things you can't see like player skill ;) But for pubs, that's a good start if you like that. Also to the pony, me and my clan are free to play with anyone but when I see some dude with a pony pic as his avatar, it speaks a lot to me if being /b/ and I dislike that =\ Well it's nothing personal, you happen to be a rare exception for having player skill, but half this game is about
  6. This is like WoW Rogues complaining that "but i'm a solo class that means i should be able to take out by myself, plz give me a great heal and debuff cleanser blizzard--" NO. You're not supposed to do it with only a Rogue. Suck it up and get other classes involved, or you aren't clearing it. But unlike wow you can utilize the equipment of all the classes by yourself, it doesn't force a person to find a group and work as a team, it makes people swap classes to get things built. When this is the case why does it matter if one class can do it? it's not like they need another player when they
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036869735/ The point is that hero stats scale down really really fast, and your 250 is hardly a boost in comparison to 120-150. Like, past 150, hero stats almost have no point. I've tested it in open, whereas a point around 120 hero damage might be an extra .01%, it's more like .003% at over 200. So these are the numbers I pulled from my huntress I just tested right now. 241 stat=5171 dmg per shot 203 stat=4912 dmg per shot 154 stat=4532 dmg per shot 121 stat=4234 dmg per shot These are the numbers I pulled from my apprentice. 277
  8. Squire didn't need a nerf, everyone else needed a buff. No good reason the most skilled players of each class cannot solo any insane level.
  9. Should talk to him, at his level, specialists have maybe a 2.5-5% boost on his characters. It's pretty crazy. He's that Ashassin666 guy. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ashassin666 That's all I found lol. He might have that advantage overall but I highly doubt in a specific area that the class will be needed for, he can't magically make 120 stats 2.5-5% difference from a guy with 250+ in one stat.
  10. I believe it only applies to Random drops, the guaranteed rewards run their own calculations for what you get. such as when I run people through Assault I didn't consistently get better Blasticus's. My first run of hard solo got me a 33 upgrade 154 dmg Van Wolfenstein as well.
  11. it's cool to have hybrids, but useless when you can swap classes and have specialist that give you that vital boost, even if it is say 10%, it adds up in harder modes. Right now I have 25% more bullet damage than say a 120 dmg stat guy with the same gun, that's enough of a difference between one shotting an enemy and 2 shotting him, saving you half the time, or clearing a lane with one piercing shot instead of two. The problem with Monk, Squire, Apprentice DPS is they have to be practically point blank range, their mobility is slower and they have no special ability that clears lanes consis
  12. http://img851.imageshack.us/img851/6218/222py.png In case you're curious, there's an exact build of what we used, there should be some spare DU left over so you can place some electrical auras, or anything else you feel you need. Dark green= Ensnare Aura Light green=Ensare+Str Drain Black=Bouncers or Blockades Blue= Ballista or Spinner Red= Path that Huntress has to keep clear.
  13. 120 in your 4 hero stats isn't all that bad. The diminishing returns on hero stats make it pointless to go much higher anyway. For a dps huntress the sole most important stat is your damage stat, even if it has diminishing returns, everything else is covered by stock gear stats and you do not need extremes of it. Sure you could split to traps, but its rare that people want trap DU into a limited build and not monk auras instead. Also it wasn't in all 4 stats, it was in one stat, while everything else was lacking.
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