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  1. "Oh... You want to play?" "Eyes as black as her soul." "Cheaters beware...we're watching you." "To my left is Fluffy, and here is Professor Hippity-Hop!" "You don't know what a MOBA is? Here, let me show you..." "Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn!" (ok...I just watched Evil Dead 2)
  2. Huntress had her bow. It was some girl in purple that had a blunderbuss.
  3. Not in the slightest. DunDef is our lives ;) -Jer I think it is quite a few of our lives as well ;)
  4. We'll also further investigate the Initiate Boost upkeeps and the Piercing Spreadshot Damage, cheers! -Jer I don't think that Piercing Spreadshot is in issue because of the Ranger's slow speed. Yeah, he can do a ton of damage to an Ogre with a close-range Piercing Spreadshot, but the Huntress can likely still kill the Ogre faster just because she gets there much earlier.
  5. Uh oh, fanboy alert. Any criticism = whining. I think criticism is fantastic for development, but this is clearly whining. Towers are useful for 95% of the game. The only time towers aren't useful is late in a Survival run. Once Nightmare mode comes out, maybe this will be a valid criticism, but for now it's just a guy whining that he can't use any set-up to beat the hardest thing in the game.
  6. You seem to be stuck on semantics and missing the point entirely. Sad. The point is that you guys whine entirely too much.
  7. You guys do realize that Auras and Traps are towers too, right?
  8. It became survival based because there were so many people complaining about challenge loot being strictly better than dropped loot. Everyone was all, "I want to use whatever weapon model I feel like and not only the Challenge models!" So, TrendyNet added in Super Loot as a better option. But if it is better than Challenge equipment, then there needs to be a special way to get it. So, they added Super Loot to Survival mode. This adds an extra reason for people to play Survival mode, and it makes it so people can get Super Loot, but they have to really work for the Super Loot. In the end, Super Loot is not a necessity to beat the game or any of the Challenges. It just just an extra, and something you can use to brag with if you take the time to farm it. There is absolutely no reason that anyone HAS to play Survival more than once, and Super Loot is by no means a necessity. You can always wait till Nightmare Mode is released; I figure Super Loot will drop much faster there.
  9. This is a cluster f of a patch with random suggestions being added left and right... anyone think they have enough time to actually balance all these new "features" I think it is a great patch.
  10. Kind of wish they'd have told us this was coming before I spent 27m upgrading my animus... I think it was mentioned on the forums 2-3 days ago.
  11. I like the new loot. Challenges were fun to farm, but now we have something else to farm! I mean, what else are you going to do other than level characters and farm? That's the type of game this is (very similar to Diablo II). BTW, I am not condemning the game for being to farm-y; you don't have to have the best equipment to beat the game. I enjoy a game that I can waste time on farming, but don't have to wast time if I don't want to. My only problem with the new loot system: I wish that Super Loot could only drop from Ogres, Super Wyverns, and very rarely from chests.
  12. Just my personal opinion here: I like Warriors. I like that I have to call my squire buddy over to kill the Warrior. I like that they wreck my towers if I'm not alert. I like that I Build some stuff just so I can pull Warriors into it. I actually find Archers more annoying than Warriors... I hate Archers. Once again, that is my opinion as a player. It in no way reflects what the team may or may not do to the Warrior in an upcoming patch. "Waaaariors, come out to plaay-iaaay" Good movie. That is all.
  13. Bonecutter can be MUCH larger than a Couteau. Sure, the Couteau can tear through things, but it only hits one enemy at a time (maybe two), which means it still takes a while to clear a lane. It's like using an Earth Shaper over a Flamewarder (well, except that they have the same amount of Upgrades).
  14. You were slow. I remember reaching wave 15 for the pet (may have started at wave 8) in about 40 minutes. So long as you did it on Medium it would be pretty easy. Only hard part were the frigging ninja's who would set about demolishing my towers every 5 seconds if I didn't run around like crazy and shoot them. On Insane now... they'd probably destroy them no matter what. Medium they'll be the weak kind so go nuts. Auras at the top overlapping both lanes. Some magic missiles/fireballs on the wall near the top overlooking both lanes. Bowling Balls on the ramp which should be even more deadly now they travel further. I started at Wave 1. I completed Wave 15 instead of stopping there. Plus, there were 2 players, which means more baddies with more health. I think I was about Par for course.
  15. Farily certain that Deeper Well has to be the fastest. I made it to Wave 16 on Insane (with 2 people) in 1.5 hours. I would have kept going, but I had to get offline :'( And that was before the enemy reduction.
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