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  1. Hey there friend. Sorry for the crash - dont blame me, blame the internet trolls. The first memory with you wasnt a good one. You were buying my Blaster Rifle and we got into a small internet-fight(Most of it were my fault) Luckely we ended on a good note and a few weeks later you were running Lab for me. Not only did I enjoy the chats we had while you were doing all the hard work and I just sat here in my dark room and watched the items appear on my screen. But I also had a ton of fun when I got you to break out of your insane lab-runs-streak by suggesting we do some CD runs and other rand
  2. Hehe, thanks for counting me as one of the good people, but I won't retire completely. I will probably login from time to time when I dont find any other game or other hobby entertaining. Cya then ;) There's still people that has'nt contacted me yet about the trade. There's no rush for me, just a reminder.
  3. Np mate. Friday should be fine I hope you get well soon :)
  4. Btw, it''s not uncertain about those runs Veetoo. I said that I'm taking a break, not really retiering. I will just keep my gear on my chars in case I get the urge to play again (like i've done at three different times over the past 4 years)
  5. ;-; "After this weekend the only players that I will run are Mkjo and Laronel, this is easier to maintain :)" ;-;
  6. Very impressive :) I would be sitting in foetal position in a mental hospital after 250 runs in one day ;-; Much respect for you Veetoo, you have definitely done an impression in this community.
  7. You've killed 55 ogres? :o but why? xD
  8. Good times indeed. I will play with you when the update comes ;)
  9. Yahallo Defender! Because of my declining interest in Dungeon Defnders lately I've decided to clean out my inventory and hope that somebody else has some use for these ults. Please be generous to those that actually need these pieces and dont buy anything you dont need. Coal is accepted too! End-date: Next thursday Album B/O list: M2 - Pillowwants M3 - Frank M5 - Atlas C1 - Atlas C2 - Chronotide C5- Dofus4ever L1 - Gamingforthelulz L3 - Gamingforthelulz P1 - Uticontra P2 - Chronotide P3 - Thetruezor P4 - Pillowpants Awesome chill music
  10. I'm coming home from my semester tomorrow btw. I'll contact you tomorrow night to make some planing for my runs, I hope you're home :)
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