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  1. i put 1300 hours on DD1 PC, can i join this club?
  2. i just hope their idea for endgame isn't just infinite power creep through more chaos, instead of new interesting content.
  3. I know they are working on survival, but besides that where are they taking end game? is it going to be like DD1 where there are plenty of different maps to play that each reward you with specific useful items that drastically vary in quality giving you a reason to farm it, or just more chaos? I personally hope they take it in the way of DD1, where the endgame consists of 1 difficulty, but that difficulty is on a spectrum that is determined by the map, and where playing a map on the lower end of the spectrum could still result in a very solid piece of gear, which gives a feeling of worth when playing maps that are not the most difficult in the game. The only difference of playing the hardest map is that it has a higher chance for better random drops. As of right now the chaos before chaos 7 feel useless and like a waste of time due to the fact that you know all the gear gotten from them will soon be useless and replaced and you know that there is truly no chance for a truly endgame piece of loot dropping. This is just my opinion, some of you may prefer this over how DD1 worked, and i may just be stuck back in DD1. I am curious what others think, please post your opinions.
  4. knowing trendy they will most likely be nerfed into the ground
  5. The Dev stream said she dropped betsy's staff, but showed the pole arm passive, so im assuming it is just bugged atm
  6. what app wep has 8/s? i really want to try that xD
  7. I feel like the status effects the midas puts on enemies are suppose to stack, but don't, because if they stacked it would make the weapon very strong and more interesting to use. Ex: The more you shoot an enemy the slower he moves and more damage he takes instead of just a set amount
  8. or increase level cap instead of wipe, either would work.
  9. as the title says, are they even implemented yet?
  10. i have builders, just bring dps. Steam ID: TheStaleBaker
  11. what do you mean 2x 4 times?
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