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  1. As title says, preferably 15+ ups but aslong as they're half decent I'll buy them :) Add me on steam: chrisashwell
  2. How much for the Godly Enchanted Pristine Sabatons? Bottom row second ones in on the picture :) Steam name: chrisashwell
  3. That patch isn't released yet, but the released is scheduled for today. Yarr the patch fixes this, applies a permanent lock to all your items and only you can unlock them :)
  4. So, sometimes when I'm strapped for cash, I like to go jump into a lvl 70 game (my highest level dude is like 17). I'm like, "Sup guyz! Whoa, nice turrets n stuff." I run around, grab a few random items, then it's all "You Have Been Forcibly Removed From The Game With Extreme Prejudice." Now, every now and then, some guy will be cool and be like, "yo noob, sup," and let me stay in the game. I run around, repairing and upgrading with whatever mana I have, and grabbing occasional items here and there. Those items sell for like 5k-15k when I get back. Yo, that's a lot of money when you're s
  5. More players = Split kills = Less exp for you... xD Surely the amount of mobs and the difficulty they scale up when more players join will raise the amount of exp one monster gives + the increase in the amount of mobs will give more exp?! Darn I could be totally wrong but this could go on forever :P
  6. Don't judge the man for giving out some helpful tips to most likely new players! Everyone plays every game in different ways and it's up to them how they play! However, I don't really think this is that efficient... You could probably level faster from actually playing the game with other players! More players = more monsters = more exp :)
  7. Buuuuump, no one? seriously? :(
  8. Maxed out fairy, here's her stats! She's awesome :) Offers below please and your steam name and I shall add you :)
  9. Six quality Squire and Huntress items for sale! Name your price and lets get dealin' Upgrades: Epic Poisonous Stonemaker's Breaker - 1/16 Epic Flaming Shredder - 1/13 Legendary Poisonous Stargazer - 1/11 Legendary Poisonous Kriegsmesser -1/19 The High Five - 1/29 Godly Electric Recurve Crossbow -1/23
  10. Gawd Dammit, well anything closer to around the 2 mil area is fine with me
  11. Selling this sword, fully upgraded with all points into poison! Looks sweet and does amazing poison damage! Offer's above 5 Million please :) I'm spec'd into towers and my dps is roughly around 8k without Blood Rage :)
  12. I'd buy him if not for that -14 to hero damage. Blegh. Gawd dammit! haha this guys getting some serious neglect! I don't want him :P I've got a couple of those. The best thing is that the lasers they shoot are piercing. Sa-weet.. didn't know that, thanks :P
  13. You can buy him if you like :) I have no use for him as I have a fairy that is a bit better :P
  14. Picture says it all! Took a long time to get so reasonable offers please :)
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