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  1. HEY, We know that after the Wipe all Items and inGame Buys, will be Deleted and you will get your Gems Back..

    But we know also We dont loose our Tokens?! What if i buy a Uber Shere? will it get Deleted and we get back the 60Tokens??? 

    Im scard ass hell, need to know this pls... 

    Greetings. from Austria :p

  2. Well, the title says all i think...

    than get ps4, also a wipe?

    Can we get a Controller Auto aim, assisst Like in DD1,

    When can we trade stuff with other people, Cause this what we have now, is really ...

    When can we get on lv 50+? cause, im maxed with all 4 hero since. 1week or longer, and for what Farming when a update can come to level higher up?

    we need more Lv, we need better Defense, better hero dmg! i mean my  Huntress has on Stats, 2,846 Hero Damage ( and im only do 2846 DMG? i mean What the ***.?

    They Slice N' Dice from Squire is also Really Useless, how you shooting with Mage and the huntress is also really dumb only 1 shoot it looks like a ***ing Darts.

    Can they do, other upgrade system like in DD1, cause what we have now is really :(

    AND 1 Question, what you think about to bring back DD1 for Next Gen? i mean i will pay for it, doesn't matter but DD1 i think much of us LOVE the first one...

    and Sorry about my english, greats from Austria :)

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