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  1. Power Surge Update Available Now!

    @Anji Norris quote:

    All I can say is that Trendy is joking, as a DD1 player.

    It was released 1 year ago and it's still in alpha.

    I dont understand that... trendy released a nice hero (gunwitch) and made her a nice DPS hero and stuff... released storm gloves, an OP item and nerfed it as hell turned it to be useless. GW was a good hero... Now is garbage and the hero doesnt even get towers to build... useless. Shame, cause it was not just me who loved the hero.

    Archer was a good DPS hero and Trendy brought it back from the Dead with the toxic bow, but now just nerfed the range of it. People just cant play nm4 anymore without perfect gear.

    i think to most of us want only dd1 back.

    In response to Anji Norris

  2. Power Surge Update Available Now!

    @John Vizzle quote:

    After a total played time of 250 hours it's finally time to give this game a break for me...

    Creating the game on user feedback is a great idea in general, but with dd2 it results in drastic changes every few weeks, making the game unplayable, especially with this power surge update:

    Abyss Lord: With the power surge update the dps of my abyss lords went down by 12k. Instead of giving them a small nerf to test the waters, they are now so hard to play. You almost need perfect gear to get them working, and a lot of players (yes, dd2 has casual players, lol) are having no chance to keep up with this.

    Gun Witch: I farmed hours after hours for decent gear, and have my gun witch at ipwr 746 now, but without dragolich it's totally useless as a dps character. It takes ages to kill just one flyer. Only positive effect is the hero speed, but damage is ridiculously bad.

    EV2: The overall damage of the ev2 (as a dps char) is great, but she is sooo slow. Especially with maps like unholy catacombs or Bling King you need a fast moving char, and with no medium sphere slot we cannot even use a hero movement sphere. Very disappointing. As a defense hero the ev2 is now totally useless. My crit damage of the protons went down from 39k to 11k. I mean, seriously? I farmed hours and hours to get that crit damage up, and now the only way I can use the protons is on gribloks horde, making them a great spot to kill flyers by suicide. But once that bug is fixed, they will be totally useless.

    Bastille Master: Before the power surge update I was able to clear the map with over 250 seconds left. Now with the update, I am not even able to clear it in time. And I didn't even use protons, I used a combination of archers, serenity aura, Squire Walls and frost towers.

    General issues:

    Item Upgrade costs: Paying 500 defender medals for an item booster is fair in my opinion, but when you don't have defender medals and have to use your gold to upgrade the items, it's ridiculously expensive. What's the point? Making the player go into free play hard to farm that gold? Boring and inefficient.

    Loading times and stable servers: Waiting up to three minutes to go into the private tavern is not acceptable in my opinion. In addition to that the game lags, the servers are slow and you just sit there and wait a lot of times. I know this game is in alpha phase, but especially with players putting their hard earned money into this game (like I do) we can expect stable servers.

    I am not saying that this game is bad, I really love this game, but with the drastic changes to characters, making the unbalanced even more unbalanced, it's very very frustrating. And especially for casual players who put all their time into ev2 protons for example, they now can't beat a single map on nm4, and have to go back to nm3.

    In my opinion you focus too much on user feedback. i have the feeling that every time someone finds a good working strategy, you nerf this (best example is archer + proton combo).

    Pleae focus on making the game balanced and stable, instead of adding new heroes that need to be balanced then for a time period of weeks / months. I mean, now that nearly everyone is crying about the power surge update (me including), you will have to adjust a lot of things there.

    Continuing this way, this game will never leave alpha.

    I will be giving this game a break, and will be watching the upcoming changes.

    i agree with you, its a joke, my Gunwitch has ipwr 749 she was really good, 700-1000k dps.. now 200k, archer nerf is ridicouclus. and same on Bastille, i can't beat it anymore.. This update is a huge joke.

    In response to John Vizzle

  3. Power Surge Update Available Now!

    We need From DD1 back!

    Trading System ,to trade with other people. (weapons, amour.. pets?)

    Host configure to can kick any player you want, voting System.. is bull...

    if you played a game and go back, to can Choose Own Tavern or Public Tavern.

    to drop stuff to your own Tavern and the other player can look around for items they maybe need.



    Gunwitch? Dps Hero? thats a Joke right? FIX THAT. 

    when you for example are 4 players, and 2 press replay map, and 2 press Tavern, that only the guys are wanted back to tavern goes back to tavern, and don't get kicked from game and come back to Public Tavern.

    (that really pisses us player off)

    Dont patch stuff so often, i mean we farming hours and hours for 1 item.. (Storm Gloves for example) and now got patched and its useless now? whats the point? for what i paying that game?

  4. Power Surge Update Available Now!

    @Its germany quote:

    I'll miss the op pdt's but I really like the buffs to earthshatter and ballista although kinda wish ballista got a tiny bit more love :( great update though, excited for new challenges!

    ist das grad dein ernst? was ist toll an dem update?

    In response to Its germany

  5. Power Surge Update Available Now!

    @dellthe3 quote:

    nice another challenge i cant beat thank you vary much , gotta add this one to my list of most hated callenge maps.........THAT I CANT PLAY you know not everyone a pro at the games grrr

    only need to be 2 player, one a building Tower Abys ork, the other Abys archer DPS. the hole time. its very very easy to to-

    In response to dellthe3

  6. Power Surge Update Available Now!

    what the hack?

    Gunwitch was a nice dps hero, i mean Ev2 was a much better for dps than Gunwitch but it was Good to go..

    now new patch on gloves. and Gunwtich is so Useless... from 1.2million dmg, to 200k dps? and on ev2 no nerf or something and she can make over 1.5mil dps with the pet?? this is a joke. refund for gun witch, this is no DPS char anymore, ev is so much better, and she is for dps or building? who patching stuff like that?

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