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  1. Finally I was able to recover my account.
  2. If it stretched all the way across the map it would be... The World Wide Web
  3. Yeah, but it would be so annoying!
  4. Ooo! Now I've got to make a dual Meowmere Barbarian!
  5. The tavern thing might be useful when shopping. You could tell whether the shop had the level you are looking for on the floor or not without exploring the whole tavern. I don't know how much help that would be.
  6. Yeah, I guess my problem with the change to sharken is indeed just nostalgia. I adjusted my builds to accommodate them pushing my walls around and have used Jester as my main DPS partly because of the move tower ability to put them back (but mostly mega heal all and speed). Burst damage would definitely make them a threat again.
  7. It used to show up every time if your friend joined after you built the defense.
  8. Wow, I guess I should look at the items in the shop instead of totally ignoring it. =:O
  9. Thanks to everyone who created and hosted this event. Lot's of fun!
  10. I believe VAC bans are an automated Steam thing. I don't think Steam will undo them since the steam client detected that the account was using a cheat program.
  11. I was thinking the barricade would block LoS
  12. Might be tricky since you may still want kobolds exploding on barricades to damage towers nearby.
  13. I am against this change. While at first glance it is appealing to be able to get the color you want, I am in the "farm for it if you want a specific color" camp. I have seen players with matched sets and the sheer effort that went into getting that was impressive and showed dedication to the game. I'd hate for that effort to be devalued by the proposed change.
  14. The only place I ever found a use for Slice n' Dice was the Raining Goblins challenge. The huge number of enemies dropping kept them spun up the entire wave.
  15. BTW, here is a spreadsheet with the max gold values for each Chaos tier: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PNFslftU37q0KKEY-2EaxasXFpg2wkGr2kcu8UJ1XqQ/edit
  16. Yep, not worth it. If you get stuck progressing then just keep an Eeyore in your deck. ( I would give props and a link to the post where a commenter first used that name for a blue mule, but the forum search function sucks)
  17. I should clarify that I was only talking about the waves to get to max gold value on my mule. Some farming was sometimes necessary to get adequate relics for my defenses, but usually that didn't take very long since you don't need full legendaries until you want to max out your C7 gear.
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