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  1. If the people will lead the leaders will follow, because ... they will have too. :) They killed us off on ps3,. Fight back while you can!! Peace and love fellow defenders!!
  2. :-( it is a terrible dream indeed lol
  3. I did Glitterhelm with Mod's with my Mage on Insane+... I had MILLION'S of score... I only brought up barely 550,000 in the 5th wave. So no one give me the bulls*** that I'd get about 5Mil from that instead. I think hes changing characters all throughout the match, and expecting a full xp pay out at the end, because of his high score, maybe not even changing characters but disregarding the round end xp pay outs he was receiving
  4. i also need an extra fallen one IF possible ! :-)
  5. the lazy robot from the final event twiztidkg
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