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  1. This patch fixed the enemy health and the stuck in dying. However the defender packs are now defective. They don’t give anything.
  2. Alonzo

    Hotfix 4.3.5

    Unfortunately it has broken the game. Stuck in death, enemies have way more health in onslaught and people are saying items are going missing.
  3. I am getting an issue only recently where my character dies and stays in limbo. I can not respawn and the character does not do the death animation. In my picture you can see I am on minus 21 Million health. The enemies keep attacking me even though I am dead. This always happens on a lane where the enemies inflict SLOW, so every frosty lane can do it. Something introduced in the last patch?
  4. Hi, nice to see details of the next update. For me the biggest improvements would be from stackable shards, like the last post and many others are craving for. Even with max storage its still inventory management each round. Some shards are so rare I can not bring myself to dust them. Another, discussed a lot also, are Assassins. They are so annoying that they take away from the fun factor. No challenge, just annoying. They should spawn from the gates and try to latch on to the players without teleporting. They could physically dodge out of the way from defences to have some challenge but at least they would require more strategy than what we do now. The game is great fun when they are not around and I suspect many new players uninstall when reaching Choas 5. I think I would have if I had not played from the Alpha and enjoyed DD1 so much. Please consider another look. Very happy otherwise, thanks for the game.
  5. Found a fix. Press E on keyboard!! Therefore I have used joytokey to simulate pressing E on the keyboard. Then that brought another problem on the inventory where selecting EQUIP item would make the inventory page scroll right. Changed the joytokey instruction to press and hold X on the controller for 2 seconds to set EV's defences (emulate E on keyboard). Obviously I don't use default pad controls, they are non excellent, and may be the cause of it not working. Something for the bug list. Perhaps this will help others who have a living room pc setup or just like controllers.
  6. Hi all, My missus plays with the gamepad on the PC version. The only trouble we see is placing EV node defenses. The screen says press X (we have setup as Select/Interact) on the pad when finishing placing nodes. However this does not work and therefore forced to place all 3 WM nodes. I found with the other three defences there is a work around by pressing the bottons to select the same defence again and it finishes building. Just doesn't work with WM. Anyone else have experience with playing gamepad on PC? Thanks
  7. Do you manage to initiate shock on the enemies with this combo? I have tried with water and storm defences but shock is extremely rare (except WM of course).
  8. Thanks Lawlta and thanks DD team for the gift.
  9. Hi, I have received an email saying I can claim 500 free gems. The link sends me to: https://gleam.io/I0sJh/dungeon-defenders-free-gems and requires my full name and email address. Is this legitimate?
  10. Hello. Unfortunately many have encountered this. All you can do to try and help is: Make an enable rule on your firewall Validate steam files Update network adapter drivers Connect to the internet with a wired connection Install the game on a solid state drive If nothing helps it will be the game servers. Try again another day.
  11. Reminds me of emulating controllers on DD1 for split screen leveling, but more complicated.
  12. Pc on 55" screen. Was tiny on 4k resolution so went for 1080p and is just about readable from 2 metres away. The scaling of text differs with the resolution.
  13. If the above is true and its more random levels then I have lost any excitement for the update. Why not in sequence at least so there is at least a little structure? Random = chance of doing the same levels over and over, Chaos style. I have to admit I can not put aside an hour to watch the streams. We used to have it summarised.
  14. I worry about this too. Only log in for the weekly medal bonus at most, just in case the game gets exciting. The game is too easy once you have the gear. DD1 got me hooked because of the challenge. Still some objectives I could not do such as Tinkerers Lab Hardcore Nightmare survival to obtain the best ultimate drop from that level. I hope the real end game will be tough as nails. Of course the random levels don't help.
  15. Yes. Of course I have used them. This is my opinion that I share. You opinion differs. What a shock on a forum. Hornets are visually boring when compared to other defences. End Opinion.
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