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  1. So the patch will be live soon. They said that the maps would be better to complete with more players so who wants to team up wenn the patch goes live??? I play on the pc.
  2. Thanks alot sir :D Leaderboards sounds realy fun!
  3. I like dd2 alot played it for 500 hours but now i feel like there is nothing to do. after you can solo the c7 maps there i nothing to do. When wil we get new endgame?
  4. hi guys so after the last patch my game crashes after the intro scene. you guys know how to fix it?
  5. if you stil got one left i want one :D
  6. Since today I can not login anymore. it says "could not successfully authenticate with steam. u guys know what I can do about it? Thanks edit: more ppl got this https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/145139/unable-to-authenticate-to-play-game
  7. hello my abbsy seems to hit way more with the old 750 ipwr "scorched tome of molten brimstone" Stats HD: 2014 HC1343 (760K dps) then with new weapons I get like the "Life binder's lexicon Stats: HD: 2688 HC: 1792 (60K dps) also with the brimstone I crit almost 400k but with the binder only 110k. do u guys know why this happens? I mean the stats are higher but it deals WAY less dmg. *dps calculated by hitting a dummie for 20 sec 
  8. Whats up with the tower skins we still get them? and if so when? Thanks and good day sir
  9. When will we get more information about the upcoming update?
  10. When wil they tell more about the coming update?
  11. So i like the game a lot. hope there wil come a few awesome patches that make end game harder (good bye pdt). but right now it feels like there's no point in farming. As soon arrives a new update. What do u guys think? is it worth to farm right now or is it time to wait for the new patch?
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