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  1. You PS4 users are gentleman/gentlewomen. Tip of the hat to you.
  2. Jokes on that guy - the Calling All Heroes patch is on my PS4 devkit and just screaming to get some console polish.
  3. I just wasted 1.5 months of my life if this is true... Not to mention uploading to Sony last night was a waste of time. :D
  4. I'll just leave this here...
  5. We noticed some irregular behavior with the profile database during the day. We believed that it eventually would have started to affect user saves negatively. In order to circumvent this, we decided to take down the service, restart the database, and run some stability tests to ensure that intermittent and unplanned outages didn't occur over the weekend. We would rather control the problem vs. let it cause chaos at an unknown time. This decision was made around the time the live stream was starting. As for the maintenance itself, the irregular activity was resolved and our stability tests loo
  6. Isom is very controlling and doesn't allow us to post without going through his corporate censoring.
  7. Hey gang! You can learn more about the problem at this link. We're aiming to get the manual regional switching feature in a patch for Thursday morning, but that is tentative. This will allow you to switch to your friend's region and play together once more. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned!
  8. Hey [[123864,users]], Please see link for some possible solutions. If this does not solve your problem please contact support directly at link.
  9. Hey [[122812,users]], You need to update your client. A 5008 means that you have an old client. Try restarting/relogging Steam.
  10. Hey guys and gals, I cleaned up some bad game sessions on the back end earlier - sorry for the inconvenience. Glad things are working again! We will be monitoring throughout the day.
  11. Please try again and let us know if you are still having issues matchmaking to public sessions!
  12. Hey [[59629,users]], [[8889,users]] is correct. I wiped all your characters and enjoyed it, but only because it was planned!
  13. They likely have a frontend server which can direct clients to the actual game servers, so there need not be static DNS names for the game servers either. Correct.
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