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  1. It helps to balance Towers and Heroes, too. If you can't build a Tower without Tower Mana, it makes sense that you can't effectively attack without Hero Mana! Naturally, we don't want a player's attacks entirely disabled without mana (that would strip the player of TOO MUCH power) but using the Player Mana as a means to gate how much a player can commit to any given wave is an interesting concept! :)
  2. not sure if i want the 'feature' or not, but the effectiveness of the tower could slowly degrade as it gets clogged. so over time Enemies would take less and less Damage. It's definitely a double-edged sword. On one hand, it gives a player something to do beyond run around lawn-mowering monsters. On the other hand, we had a bit of that in DD1 with Auras and Traps needing to be repaired so they'd endure through an entire wave... limiting their effectiveness as they went down would probably not be wise.
  3. Are you suggesting methods to deal with Area of Effect damage being too effective at clearing Trash Mobs? The idea of an AoE defense "overheating" if it becomes too crowded is neat in theory, since it asks a defender to strategically plan for eliminating groups of foes as quickly as possible--but the practice of it is that it really puts a strain on the "fun" of the game. Sometimes a lane gets clogged; sometimes you need the AoE to weaken but not ultimately defeat the monsters. Having the added risk of "overheating" seems like it would be an overall bad thing. Of course, that's assumin
  4. Considering that my Hero-spec Monk was named "MasterMop," I am all in favor of the Mop weapon. :D
  5. I don't know about pc but on ps3 everyone loves the lazzer bots I liked them a lot because of their piercing making them more effective against huge crowds... but their damage kept getting nerfed and reduced!
  6. I'll put a vote down in favor of the Djinnlet. The damage dealt wasn't the strongest, and the mana earned wasn't the most, but it was a hybrid between the Genie and Seahorse--jack of both trades, master of neither. Yes, it would be more effective to bust out a Genie during early waves and a Seahorse in later waves... but with the Djinnlet, I can set it and forget it. :)
  7. Right now were actively working on revamping our inventory system. A having a way to filter through your inventory and look for specific stats would be so useful. Please don't limit this functionality to the Inventory itself. Being able to set a preference for what pings green in loot drops would be spectacular! For example, if I'm working on improving my Tower Squire, and his current armor is +48 to Tower Health and +91 to Tower Attack, it'd be stellar if I could set a flag somewhere so that any item that dropped with >100 Tower Attack would do the green arrow thing from DD1. :)
  8. Sanctum 2's end-game stats screens were pretty awesome, too, since they showed the total amount of damage dealt, divided into stripes for Towers and Players. You could see at a glance how much of the overall damage was your contribution, and how much was towers. DD1's end-map screens were very informative, too, even if they spanned several pages. I appreciated being able to see actual numbers!
  9. This is a neat idea! One thought to contribute to this would be mingling new waves between existing waves. For example, if the Normal 3-7 progression was 3.)Goblins - 4.)Goblins & Orcs - 5.)Goblins & Orcs - 6.)Orcs - 7.)Orcs + 1 Ogre, it would be neat if the Hard 3-8 progression didn't simply tack another wave of Orcs in between 6 and 7, but potentially added, say, Wyverns (an enemy introduced through the Normal campaign, but previously not present in Deeper Well) to wave 6, shunting the existing Orcs to 7 and the Orcs & Ogre to 8. Does that make sense?
  10. They already had the item improvement via upgrading items. To avoid the scenario where either crafting or farming is clearly a better choice I suggested that one set of gear be crafted only while all other gear sets be found. This makes balancing much easier. What does crafting offer, then, that a change to the way upgrading items wouldn't? If we removed the levels cap on items and allowed players to continue dumping resources into an item (at ever-increasing costs) until that item's stat caps for its tier were hit, what would the downside be? What do you see crafting adding that th
  11. I think more has to be done than this, but this a good start. How else can we improve the loot sorting problem? :) Let's get some discussion going!
  12. Depending on how itemization is done in DD2, I can see crafting/smithing items working in a couple different ways. Let's say I'm working on gearing up a Builder Character. Playing Survival on a map, I get a piece of Armor that gives +150 to Tower Attack, Tower Range, and Tower Attack Speed, but -150 to Tower Health. It also gives +120 to Player Health. -> Pay to reassign bonuses on gear. Maybe I can pay a large price to exchange the Player Health with Tower Health--now the armor makes my Builder character very vulnerable with low HP, but my tower stats are more stratified. This is a
  13. Hey, I've been thinking about Inventory management. In Dungeon Defenders 1, as I made more and more characters, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of where my good loot was. Whenever I unequipped or changed a piece of loot on a character, it was dumped into the cesspool of the root folder of the inventory. The addition of folders helped mitigate things a little bit, but the process of keeping track of who had the good Tower Attack armor was tedious and confusing. So instead of physically moving items out of our Inventory and onto our characters, why not have a little flag
  14. Generally speaking, anything that mandates that a player play the game a specific, certain way is discouraging. I've had friends stop playing a game I asked them to play with me because of an unskippable tutorial level. Anything that prevents a new player from jumping directly into a game with their buddies should be frowned upon. There was a specific anecdote given earlier in the thread about a player who didn't want to rush his buddy from 1 to 60, because, in that player's opinion, the early game grind was the most fun. If that was the case, there are options that existed within the f
  15. A similar mechanic existed in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and I don't think I ever made use of it other than novelty value. :\ It's a neat sort of extra to have, though.
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