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  1. next step over 9000 and over 9000 megaflopsgazillionz manaz to upgrade
  2. really? graphic bugg? shut the front door, thats the least of my worries, every patch theres 2-3 gameBREAKING bugs that has to be hotfixed and moste of the time its not really working as intended even after its fixed.
  3. ehm ogers wasent the only thing stuck when i tried the map, it was air, normal mobs etc same crap gets released again and again without testing, srsly FIRST wave air got stuck, second wave 10ish mobs stuck around 6 diffrent places on the map. ON THE FIRST TRY GUYS? trendy: HOW MANY TIMES DID U RUN THIS MAP? 0? even started the map at all? screw it i dont care anymore im done with this piece of buggy game
  4. srsly, who is comming up with these ideas? its not like we're buffing this with 10% or nerfing that with 10-5% its always ALWAYS 10000% buff or 1000000% nerf come on guys think before you enter numbers i've lost faith in this game a long time ago and things like this proves it.
  5. wait for it..... 1 billion mana it gets nerfed anyone wanna bet against that?
  6. it does not effect the loot OR the creeps in any way whatsoever, at insane and lower IT DOES try starting up a insane game with MM turned on, you will noticed diffrent kind of creeps while on nightmare its the exact same also they do exact same damage/mob count with or without Mixed mode turned on/off on "NIGHTMARE" it works on insane and lower tho
  7. atleast you got some attention, im amazed by your awsome skill
  8. no one cares, stop whining , everyone have problems sometimes, deal with it orly? i care, since this happens to alot of players...
  9. i would say items worth 1 mana is hacked, not 100% sure tho perfect example: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009479972/screenshot/595833494655510175
  10. The second definitely looks hacked... I'm fairly sure pets with only 2 upgrade digits cannot have 800,000 upgraded dmg..... Also the loot from UMF 2.0 sucks >.> which makes me QQ and the first aint? ROFLMAO sure staffs with 96k dmg drops everytime i play
  11. anyone that has played survival 22+ know that theres actually a fast forward button, mobs move alot faster later wave wouldent mind if u could speed em up early on
  12. How about if you do over 500K a hit in Nightmare. Your game crashes, Your account gets deleted, your game uninstalls. ... and a warrant is set out for your arrest. So simple. ye just do this
  13. might be "barbarian only weapons" who knows...
  14. whats the point of reporting when nothing happens anyway
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