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  1. Gravy??? Love Gravy!!! Totally Outstanding. Y Y R A B Young yaks ran away briskly T r n n
  2. When you say greatest, are you giving your opinion, or trying to state an empirical fact? I have seen many higher, in the last couple of months it seems...just last night i seen a couple 200+, and before someone replies about me being naïve, I'll ask you the question, at what point is the line blurred?
  3. It's been at least 10 minutes and i still can't stop laughing!! This deserves a thread on it self. Can someone start a thread with stories similar to what chonic did to rangerz. It's so ******ic, yet so funny!!lol. Ok, I'm done.....I'm sincerely sorry for you loss :) Huh, why is sadi stic(sic) censored?
  4. lol it had amazing base and all the stats were really good and he made into a blockade staff LOL Hahahaha!!! I am literally crying right now rangerz! Omg, that is the funniest thing ever! Look on the bright side, he could've invited you to the bridge on glitter and threw it in the lava instead! Lol!!!!
  5. but my happiest was my 211^ oculus for lvl 78 which I made into my magic blockade/dps staff because Rangerz wanted it so bad. Lmao!!!!!!!
  6. What's your offer? I only ask because this is the trading thread and Not the give me things for free thread, and since asking for free items is frowned upon.
  7. Just looked at my insane zippy kills 227,041. I'm over 260k kills on insane zippy...yet not one douser 100+^ :\ Just took a look at glitter insane, ~4.6 MILLION total kills!
  8. It's been 13 months lol and I have so much free time it's ridiculous lol. I am online at least 6 hours a day, AT LEAST! Haha seeing how you break it down is crazy though, which brings me back to classics statement, idk whether to be proud or embarrassed... Crazy, 600 hrs is amazing, but unless you created a time machine, you have played at most 11 months. I'm using YOUR words, you started playing Nov. 2012 and took 3 months off. So let's say you started Nov 1st to Jan 1st 2014 minus 3 months is 11 months. But the feat is still impressive, nevertheless.
  9. post your psn name, I will be online later today, and I'll invite you. I don't care if you have a mic or not, I'm anti-social so it's actually a positive you don't have a mic. Also, you should sign up for the Event, great hosts, and the items are well worth it.
  10. And people were amazed at my mere 600 lol Crazy, let me break it down for you this way, then maybe you will see why I'm "amazed". In 11 months of playing you have ~600 hours, and that's not accounting for challenges. That equates to ~105 minutes of combat time a day, every day. Let me put that in context for you: let's assume you play Ramparts, which requires no building, solo, and you didn't return to the Tavern after the run, the total time(real time non recorded), and the combat time(recorded) will be similar. Let's then assume it takes you ~6 minutes of combat time to finish the run. 600hrs/11 months=54.55 hr/month 54.55hrmonth/30days = 1.81 hours/day of combat time, rounded DOWN is ~105 mins. So it would take you 17.5 runs of Ramparts per day, every day, at the least. But let's say you play 'rago instead, ~10 minutes combat time, you would have to run it 10 times a day. If you missed a day of playing, the following day, you would have to play ~20 runs of 'rago or run Ramparts 35 times,just to keep pace!!! Now you getting the picture? As for Classic and Junbao's 12,000 hours, which I totally believe, they started playing way before you , and I believe the PC tallies time played differently than the playstation. It is not rare for someone on the PC side have 3k+ hours, I can only speculate since i don't really know, but I presume that once they log on to steam, time starts.
  11. While my 2 year of daughter and I were at the mall, we happened to be passing a Build-A-Bear store, and in the store window were all the Ponies, she HAD to get Sparkle. So my daughter is a fan.....therefore, I am one as well :)
  12. how do u unlock CD, i beat all the lvls on the same difficultly and i dont know how to get to it Did you host when you beat the maps?
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