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  1. Hi:) Im beated Mastery mode and Onslaught floor 114 just for flair! I can totally agree what Chronos said!!! Mastery mode is hard and fun the reward is pairing how hard is it! Need use brain what I really liked :) Mastery mode ok! Good Job Trendy! :)) Onslaught mode only good to get skins and flairs! But 1.5 hour a floor is too much! I duoed with my friend and if someone god disconnected for a reason then the all work gone! yes many towers useless! and no physical AOE dmg! thats missing so hard! This mode made game antisocial because I can not play with my friend! Drop rate is horror and not worth play with mode for gear! 1.5h a floor and get like hmm 5-8 legendary? Chaos7 map much faster! you get like 2-3 legendary in a map but only 10-15 minutes and Chaos7 much easier as well! Main problem the !! ICE CD GEO !! thats really pain and worst than roller or GNASH why? on ICE lane you can not use any trap because it will freeze mean useless, you can use only range tower but GEO makes useless it so you must poison it manually:((( Need adjust some things then ok. Ancient power totally not worth! Too much price for just a little more. I have only 800 ascent point and I easy beated 114! :) duo and solo! Personally I won't do reset its cost too much lost like 600 ascent, all gear, shard, pet reset and climb up again . Took me like 2 month from floor 55 to 114 with fully maxed top gear! what with after reset? farm again like half year for 1% dmg or 0.25% range?!?! And the other big problem we can not play with friend! if I just go ahead 1 floor then I can not play with my duo partner! Of course I can if I go down floor but I gain nothing just wasint time! Ancient power its just endless farm for time waste. Price is not pairing with reward! I played and like all DD1, DDE, DD2! I have seen GREAT potential in DD2 but need adjust and change some things!
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