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  1. 5 cubes on S4 edit: would like to retract misread the piece sorry for the trouble
  2. Yea i see.. When i started my game the first time after that year, i was completely confused, cause i wasn't able to see the stats of the people in my game when i pressed esc. I thought it was a glitch of my game or so.. lol btw i think i remember your name, is that any possible ? :P Yeah that was the fix they made for a nasty glitch that cropped up as of recent, that people started to abuse. In which you could steal items off players, but it has since been fix.
  3. 9 cubes on the pawn
  4. This map can be fairly easy so long as you have a friend to help you with. Use this build it is one I have personally used an successfully helped people out with, not sure if the build says it or not, but on the bridge you want the mobs to meet you want a Strength Drain an Healing Aura. So fairy isn't really all to needed for this map, and you just need to find some friends or people who want to run this map an complete it. As for the boss Cupid I suggest a range DPS, Jester'll work, and besides Cupid is fairly easy with low hp even with four people.
  5. um...don't know how to say this but that's far above the value most accept double cap diamonds, and I'd expect that to be an auction price. A B/0 an a reserve that high may drive away buyers, and lastly have you had these diamonds checked? ^.^
  6. Sorry April, but when I see something shiny I go n grab it... hope you're not writing checks you can't keep
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