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  1. Hmm. Came back to check out how the game is after a year. Was not expecting this to still be around, especially not the first page lol. The link to the updated xbox360ce is: http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/downloads/detail?name=x360ce.App- I'm still reinstalling the game so I'll write a more detailed guide later.
  2. Probably meant for people who haven't opened the presents yet. In other words, sucks to be you.
  3. I thought TE/DD had VAC. even though VAC sucks shouldnt it be picking up the people hacking in these items? It most likely is picking it up, but it won't ban them for a few months.
  4. You can disable the update in properties. lol, you can do that, but that'll only disable the autopatch. when you go to play the game, it'll update it.
  5. Hahaha, this is great lol. Steam doesn't allow you to play the game without updating to 7.13. Only solution is to not play/patch until the hotfix.
  6. lol, Trendy, setting new trends on how to **** with the player base.
  7. VAC bans for the most commonly used program to hack DD at the moment. Problem is, VAC bans are handed out 2-3 months after the incident. Pretty useless anti-cheat to implement for DD since it was meant for FPS.
  8. Server bills would be astronomical so no, probably wouldn't happen.
  9. I like how JDanford dances around the issue of price. Nightmare will be bundled with Shards DLC, so is shards going to be paid? Just say yes or no.
  10. They're most likely rounding, if you do actual percent increases of the values, 100x.75->75x1.1->82.5x1.20->99. It's either Jeremy's way of saying that's it's going back to 7.12b levels or another failure in math.
  11. Probably not, trendy seems to be taking the mmorpg route where every new expansion DLC offers new gear that makes the previous obsolete. The 126 stat cap was a mistake in the programming of the game and will be removed after nightmare loot.
  12. Trendy never speaks in percentage points, always percentages. Say the original nerf was 30% (forum speculators put it at 40%). Loot would be nerfed by 30% down to 70%. They buffed it 10%. We're now up to 77%. An additional 15% brings us back to 92% original quality. If the forum speculators were right with 40%, that'd bring us back up to only 79.2%. Well this is assuming they're taking the time to actually increase by percentages. It might just be additive, like if the loot was at 100% (7.12b) -> 60% (7.12c) -> 70% (7.12d) -> 100% (7.13). No need to over complicate things w
  13. Just because Jeremy betrayed us and embittered us does not mean we can not hope for redemption from him and the team. No need to take this personally. The dev team made a mistake, but I hardly doubt they did it on purpose to annoy the players. That aside, I'm still baffled by their response. Considering they had the exact same thing happen in 7.10, you would think they would have tried something, anything different to avoid the same amount of whining from before. Heck, easiest way imo is to increase the difficulty of UMF drastically so the loot drops are justified. Not only would that go w
  14. I totally forgot I had system restore turned on my computer after my reinstall. Now the question is, should I use the point that will let me abuse the infinite mana bug, or super drops.
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