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  1. I've read a couple of old posts talking about it and the reasoning behind why they moved them. Will they ever return at any point in the future? If not then I doubt I can enjoy the game always having a bad delay to my actions :/ (I play on console and I'm in Australia if anyone was curious).
  2. I'm happy to hear it will come back. I really want to play so badly! Will you update us when the region will come back? Also, could you say when they will at this time or is it too early to ask?
  3. So is the region coming back or? It was there the first few days and went away. There's only US EAST, VA and Europe, IE only and they're both very laggy for me to play on as I'm in Australia. Please tell me they're putting the AP region back in, I really want to play! There's no updates on it so far too! Not sure if they said anything about it or I'm missing something. Let me know if anyone knows anything about it. PC/Ps4 have it, why doesn't Xbox one? :(
  4. Any idea if they'll bring it back? It was there the first two days I think and then they removed it. I can't play on the other regions because I get lag.
  5. I noticed that too! I was enjoying the game but now I can't even play :/ I really hope they bring it back, PC/PS4 have it I think, not sure why Xbox One doesn't.
  6. Oh well I hope they start again , Thanks
  7. Hey, I was just wondering does Trendy still do that Friday fun on Twitch tv or did they stop ?
  8. Nooo! you still have to get DD 2 tho when it comes out! you are getting it tho ... arent you ?? if not you will miss out on soo much!
  9. Yay! I just got DD 1 on PC for such a low price because of the Halloween discount. Cant wait to play it!! Did anyone else buy stuff on Halloween for DD 1 ? :skeleton: Happy Halloween People :skeleton: !!
  10. Awesome! The towers looks great, the orcs looks deadly, kobolds trying to look innocent. Haha I love it, wish I could get a shot at the beta when it comes out, but overall I can't wait for the game to be completed! Awesome job Trendy, keep it up!
  11. I'm going to train the apprentice first after seeing the twitch co-op gameplay(It looks awesome!). I might just focus on levelling up his towers first and then upgrading the hero himself later on. I can not wait for this game to come out, but I'm only missing one thing.. I'm going to need a team . Wouldn't want to solo the game, after all it is a co-operative type game.
  12. Hello, this is my first thread that I'm posting so please let me know if I did something wrong, :) thanks. Anyways, I've played DD1 only on the Xbox and I loved it but with the trading system in DD1, not so much :/. Its mostly based on trust and having to rely on the other player to drop the item without them picking it up and then leaving the game :(. I'm not too sure if its the same on PC. If it is, i hope that in DD2 they will have a better trading system and having to interact with the player and opening a trading window to actually trade with them, therefor it would be safe and no on
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