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  1. The sarcasm in this post is literally OVER 9000 ,but yes Trendy let me buy Legendary Chest with medals too. Also stop telling your players anything is limited , because all of them are eventually available and buyable . Instead of making other pet abilities more viable , eg moving thru obstacle , short term invisibility / invincibility , I can certainly think of a few situation where I would use , no you had to nerf them into oblivion . Final request , stop doing anything to my grumpy , she might not has any stats but she is innocent , leave MY GRUMPY ALONE.
  2. Its so frustrating when you purchased something with REAL money , and they are missing . I did quite some Months ago and it took them almost 6 weeks to reply to me for a disappearing golden pet. And I have recently made another purchase , again missing items from the bundle. Do I have to wait for another 6 weeks ? I know you guys are busy with the content , but please there are players who are spending real money onto these , shouldn't they be given priority and attention over the rest of the issues first ? Do you guys care about making a profit at all ? At this rate you are losing players because of this , it often takes your customer support team a month or 2 to actually reply to the ticket . Do I have to lodge a report to Steam perhaps ? Forgive my manner , I am growing very impatient with this. Trendy staff, put yourself in the same situation , you spent real money in a game and didn't get what you deserve until 6 weeks or possibly longer , what are you thinking ?
  3. I am strongly against such ideas , because it was stated before Draco lich was going to be time-limited. It was actually brought back a second time because of the demand , but with a slightly different model. Yes you have new players now , but the old veteran players should have something for themselves . If anything , they just want the abilities , so make a new pet that can potentially roll the same ability or ability that is just as strong . Leave the old model for us . Just like back in DD1 , you missed the event of rainmaker ? Too bad , but that is because you missed it, you had a chance to play and get it , but you missed it . That was the whole point of being special pet. This happen in every other game , time limited items . But in this case we have a lot of QQs because the rest of the pet abilities don't look so good compare to these , how about buffing and make the other pet abilities to be just as good . Trendy if you are putting these pets back into the game again , what was the point of us of spending so much time back time to finish your monthly quest objectives just to get the time limited pet ? If anything, make a new pet , with a special abilities that can be just as good . Instead of getting every single Hero wearing the same pet with the same abilities. Just like the defense councillor title , which basically do nothing, not even a special effect . But should they give it away to any newcomers again ? Where were they when Trendy were asking for a humble bundle pledge to kickstart DD2 back in 2013 then ? ( yes you didn't read wrong , 2013 )
  4. Are you seriously suggesting that this is my fault ? It was a game bug and regardless of what I did , I did not hack the game , I did not break the rules. I was playing a game where there is a function excessive items dropped from the bags will be stored in the old man NPC . A bag for excess items, yes. But pets have their own bag. So maybe a pet can't go into the Scavenger? Not saying you're not allowed to be frustrated, but no need to get snappy at him/her. It is a very valid point, in the games current state, you decided to try and get a pet that you had no room for. You took a risk. If the pet means this much to you, you should have been prepared, made every precaution to ensure there was no way for the game to jip you. Again , I understand the mods are trying to assist me , but why are you replying to this thread ? This is a bug / support forum where people are looking for helps . And the key word here is , helps , not sarcasm . You can't possibly know it will be a pet incase you have not ever spend any tickets .The reward are still all random and a large portion of them are costumes. And please stop telling me it was my fault that I have not clear up my bags because I am pretty sure most of everyone here have had a time where their bags were full at one time . Which is exactly why there is a NPC built for this. This is especially important now because these are the cash item rewards , they are more ... valuable . If Trendy can't implement the function where cash item rewards will go into the old man's bag , they need to inform players ahead of this . It was a game bug as mentioned by one of the trendy support several weeks ago. You aren't helping here and beside trying to flame the heat from someone who is frustrated over the possibility of losing items with real money. Also stop reminding me the state of the game , I am one of the first gen Councillors who have been playing this game way back in 2014 . We did not always had lightning fast supports but at the very least we do get response from the Trendy team back then. It 's almost a month and I am not getting anything so it is worrying. I don't get why all you new players feel the need to put your nose in here , You aren't offering helpful advices beside suggesting the obvious fact which everyone already know . Don't you at least feel a little out of space here with 2 moderators actively attending to the matter now ? A wise sage once said, if you do not have anything to say , don't say anything and it helps. And before the game is back to " jip " me again , you can learn a thing or 2 from that quote. Mod / Trendy Group : Can we lock this thread so only Trendy staff and mods can reply here ? It seems like non relevant party is trying to turn this into a flame thread , I am sincerely only looking for helps and if I still have isom' s skype I will bug him over skype instead of making a thread here .
  5. Yes I still do . This is the automated reply I got right after the ticket ; " Greetings Defender,Your request (15867) has been received. Our support team is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Please allow up to three business days for our team to respond to this ticket.We appreciate your patience. If you have any additional comments that you would like to add, please reply to this email.Sincerely,T.E. Community Support Team Feb 12, 14:03 " I am just being left clueless here since there's nothing I can do now , I get it the DD2 team has got their hands full with the upcoming patch , I was expecting a delay with the in game supports but doesn't look like I am going to get a reply at all after all these times. If for some reason they are unable to assist me , it will be nice to at least get a reply from them .
  6. Are you seriously suggesting that this is my fault ? It was a game bug and regardless of what I did , I did not hack the game , I did not break the rules. I was playing a game where there is a function excessive items dropped from the bags will be stored in the old man NPC . The problem is the support is not replying to me at all , despite of having repetitively telling me to submit a petition and ticket . And yet this is related to money , the money I spent on the ticket . I don't know why you feel the need to challenge and annoy me here or you are just that bored. Even judging from the standards of your previous replies where you need to throw in a sarcasm to annoy anyone that ever has criticism on the game, this is low. At last , please do not reply to this thread .This is a forum for people looking for help from Trendy and reporting bugs. It was an issue I have with Trendy support and my account and I am currently looking for a reply from Trendy members which you are not. Not that hard to mind your very own ... chores .
  7. I am not sure why do I even try , i made a ticket half a month ago , no response , still nothing until today. Do I seriously want to spend money on a game that technically has 0 supports over it ?
  8. What I wanted is simple , I want DD1 gets upgraded onto the engine of DD2 .
  9. Bought the bundle and was playing thru the carnival map , got the Gold bearkira . Went back to the tavern and found out it was not in my inventory at all , so apparently my pet bag was full . Went to check the old man and he doesn't has anything either . So the golden pet I got just disappeared out of no where , can you do something about this ?
  10. Trendy still listen to us ? What a surprise . Most of your 1st gen councillors had vanished already , the council forum is basically dead . Yup, just forget about us , we had only waited all night back in 2013 to grab that 500 humble charity slots . I was super excited when I heard DD2 is changing its MOBA form and going to be the successor of DD1 , but you guys pretty much are steering the game towards the MOBA way ...
  11. I did . And I said ' if " . There a dozen of people bugging and complaining on steam forum everyday , after doing the bad things and still pretending as someone innocent. I was just telling you , ' if " you did in fact been doing bad things on your account , don't waste your breath because the 'restricted access thing" was a sign of consequences leading to permanent account ban . Again if you haven't , only a steam support could help you here . As for the DD2 access, you need to be online on your steam to log into the launcher ( you can appear offline to your friend while logging into the game but you still need to be 'online' on steam technically ).
  12. @OP This is the last thing you should be worrying about . If you have done nothing bad on your accnt , your account might have been compromised and you should start changing all your password , including your email access and scan your PC . Also you should be contacting Steam Support ASAP , they are the people who can help you . Also get your steam authenticator ASAP . If you did actually do bad things on your accnt , I am sorry to say you deserve it and say goodbye to ur accnt since steam is pretty strict on 'restricted' account lately . Got a friend that runs around botting the market and got a Restricted account ban followed by perma IP ban now from steam .
  13. I am reading that some people had already downloaded the new patch but I am restarting my steam and DD2 launcher over and over , there's nothing there . Did Trendy pulled the patch out ? Isom just said they have 'sent' the update to everyone so I assume we will get to download the patch now , but it was just a 12 mb launcher update for me so far
  14. Some of the question asked in this thread are quite interesting, even I would like to know the answer . Maybe the dev have something up their sleeve which they couldn't reveal yet , I can understand. But the entire thread is basically ignored during the stream ( beside questions that were already answered by player asking similar questions from stream or from before ) What is the point of us posting our question here earlier then ? Not every one of us are in the same time zone , when you are streaming some of us might be still sleeping or even working for that matter. The only chance for us to ask dev question is to post here before the stream starts ... Very disappointed and I won't be bothered to post things into asking question here anymore. So much for a defense council position
  15. Question 1 : Are you going to provide more incentive for the hardcore players to play the game ? Some of us wanted to play the game more , but after the first daily it just seems pretty pointless to play the game at the moment Question 2 : I think the perma CC like stun ( heroes spamming the same skills over and over ) , freeze and drench is taking away all the challenges of the new map , do you plan to address this in the higher level difficulty ? Eg : the Lady Orc boss from the life root map ( hard ) is doing insane dmg , I know her dmg will be adjusted eventually but for now you could have a 100 dps tower but 5 geysers ahead , the boss would be dancing permanently on the air and die a slow but painful death from a 100 dps flame burst...
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