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  1. ─░ts working thanks alot bro
  2. Exit Steam completely and then try again. Didnt work' also ceemeir what you mean i cant understand
  3. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/820/problemic.png/ its my problem i donno why pc says pc stop the games open i was changed some settings when this game opened but i caant remember i changed what.
  4. After 3-4 mount but its not opennig in my pc says a there is a problem guys pls tell me how i can fix it?
  5. ape

    New problem

    its working! love u bro :)
  6. ape

    New problem

    trying now thx alot dude
  7. ape

    New problem

    any one can help me?
  8. ape

    New problem

    Now i click play on steam but not open a game everytime make new problems
  9. i have same problem error and we cant login a game
  10. ape


    why patch is dont come we cant play
  11. ape


    not yet uptade :/
  12. ape


    its really boring sucks:/ hope tonight comes to uptade
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