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  1. The problem with a poll on the website/forums would be that it would be skewed towards more dedicated players. Casual players are likely to neither have the knowledge nor the interest to participate in such a poll. From personal experience though, I do think majority of players aren't at NM level yet, or perhaps the guys running nightmare don't linger in social taverns much.
  2. In one of the devstreams, they said something about the story being about the King, from his bright and shiny Throne Room sitting on top of his bright and Shiny Ramparts, ordering you to go out and hunt Betsy. When you come back, you find that the bright and shiny Throne Room and the bright and shiny Ramparts are not bright and shiny any more since some big boss came by rekt them(and apparently ate/kidnapped the King). So yea, original dark and gloomy Throne Room and Ramparts are probably the maps that link to the second part of the campaign.
  3. I'd like to point out that App's mark is pretty powerful. It increases the damage from his abilities by a significant 50%. It's his abilities that aren't up to snuff.
  4. That you don't even move out of the spawn point?
  5. With the best possible hp stats you can get on weapons, pets and armor right now, you should theoretically be able to hit 20k+ hero hp. Not sure what's the cap for upgrades on items, but fully upgraded gear will leave you slightly below 25k I think.
  6. Living out the final days of Year One Destiny.
  7. Open Alpha is scheduled to be released this Wednesday. Your levels will not be wiped. Only gear that was more than 240 iPow will be rerolled. If your items are below 240 iPow nothing will happen to them.
  8. Thanks. Didn't notice that as I was looking for some kind of buff since it's called EMPOWERING Beam.
  9. Due to certain circumstances, this uber has come into my possession but I have no idea what it actually does. The description says "Sword Beam fires a projectile which deals 350% Ability Power(which is half of the usual btw) to enemies it passes through. It then returns to the Squire and". That's it. It cuts off right there. I have done a bit of testing, but I haven't noticed any changes to nearby towers, enemies or my hero when the beam returns to me. Anyone figured out what it does?
  10. I feel like the introduction of Early Access has really distorted what alphas and betas are supposed to be. It's not just DD2, plenty of other Early Access games are largely incomplete with a astonishing amount of core features missing when they're "ready" for Early Access. In fact, it's quite worrying that there are Early Access games that are much worse than DD2 with devs barely responding to the players and sometimes they just go completely quiet, never to be heard from again. I know people are willing to pay for it and all, but providing the option for customers to pay to playtest your gam
  11. Lets just call it a feeling. I understand that the core mechanics might be the same, but the fun is all gone. I am saying this as a person who had level 100 characters in DD1 so I am not just someone logging in to troll. Actually I don´t agree at all that the core elements are the same. They have introduced combos, which pretty much decides how every tower will act. The introduction of combos is the single reason they have such a hard time balancing the game. I don't really understand. For me it seems that combos aren't much of a problem right now. Sure, they got a little out of hand back whe
  12. main guy from dd1 was fired Trendy bring him back please! actually he was a horrible person, as some articles say. something about making people to work overtime and also being sexist. too bad, guy was a bad person but it seems he actually knew how to make a great game. I don´t know about sexist, but making people work overtime sounds to me like he cared. Search for articles about Trendy. Gaming sites do tend to exaggerate stuff, but when it's called, and I quote, a "gaming studio from hell", there's definitely something more wrong than a "little" overtime. Besides, I highly doubt you'
  13. Blaze Balloon huh? Hmm, I felt the PDT or Geysers were the ones that needed the most love.
  14. Well there's Samurai Pizza Cats, so the idea of Japanese warrior cats isn't that new.
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