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    WTB Some Events

    10 cubes for all 3 peej.
  2. AeroZ

    WTB Some Events

    So i'm some event items down and was wondering the prices. Can't say for sure what i'm buying right now but ballpark values will help me decide. What I Need Azure Peak Black Satin Peak Mr Skelly Salem Black Magick Death wish Bean's leftovers Ball Blaster Polutonion Yg's Tiny Sword
  3. As Abraham said to Jonas... I will attend this DD event.
  4. Other than leveling, you can start out at Incursion on hard moving onto Endgame. IIncreasing difficulty slowly or quickly depending on how many people you have and how lucky you are with gear. Than when you wanna try your luck, you can play nightmare 1 and so forth. Aight thanks, i'll probably do that.
  5. That set better have the proper papers, dood.
  6. Just hit lvl 50 on a character. Whats the plan after this, apart from lvling more characters. What should i be farming to get better gear?
  7. Just get this, nothing happens. Halp. 
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