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  1. Sad day ps3 froze all data corrupted..... I still have characters but I lost all equipment ... I can rebuild my inventory but I lost the last 3 event items. The large monk weapon, The Halloween bot, and the new huntress weapon. Is there anyway I can get help from trendy to recuperate these 3 items? If it will help i can list out the people who hosted my events if anything needs confirming. TRENDY PLEASE HELP!
  2. Thanks for the head up. The events have been great! We will be here when you get back from your R&R.
  3. PSN Texas_Dragon didn't get invite for the 2 to 4 slot but if available i can join between 5 and 8 today or between (2 and 4) and 5 to 8 on Thursday Thanks Guys Texas_Dragon
  4. PSN: Texas_Dragon 9/18/13 between 6 and 8 If at all possible I would like to reschedule my time for 3 to 4 on 9/18/13 as well as sign up my buddy for the same time psn matrim_drasgen Please let me know if this change is ok Thank Texas_Dragon
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