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  1. Whats with all the modded items! Im gone for 1 month and bam!
  2. I will trade a UD for http://s900.photobucket.com/user/jm113069/media/100_1913_zpsdd0bed28.jpg.html?sort=3&o=70 or http://s900.photobucket.com/user/jm113069/media/100_1930_zpscff9cc1a.jpg.html?sort=3&o=54 unless your nice enough to trade them both to me.
  3. I need some armor pieces for 78 and 74 thanks
  4. I am looking at one of those 150+ upgrade staffs for 78 *oculus or undying rod* I got some unique stuff to trade.
  5. im looking at the ebon and 192 undying rod. I got some gears to offer like 99^ gloves. tower
  6. I got 2 UD im sure one is dupped (random guy dropped in my tavern and left) the second one is a legit one both clean but im keeping tell 90 unless I get some supper good offer but I think they are worth more if legit.
  7. I like the builds I should try them. I just ran morrago again on hard and made it through with one crystal damaged from a ogre cause we couldn't kill it because I wave skilled the boss wave to the boss. but it was still easy.
  8. My brother Crazy_demonKing is on. sorry this is my account we share same computer different psn accounts:/
  9. Me and my brother runs this build on insane and hard mode with 2-4 people all the time. All it takes is repairing every 2-3 waves of everything and the genies do kill harpoon turrets but it doesn't matter nothing gets through if you have one person hold the bottom area and the top area it was. with 3 afks idk I don't have that many controllers I ran it with 3 noobs that I told to hold the top area where I got bottom and I had to help them a little. *I 1 hit the genies and such*. Post your builds I want to compare them with mine I have seen some nice builds out there.
  10. Im curious anyone else have a really good morrago build that I can try out I hope its better then this one its my favorite http://www.ddplanner.com/?l=18688,good-morrago-insane-run-build.
  11. If you do have any high level staffs and shais or other guns will be appretated and why u leaving? ITS SO SAD TO MANY DD PLAYERS LEAVING!
  12. Im looking at the 100^ 74junbos i will trade for eather 1
  13. I'm more than sorry, honnestly I did'nt log on computer today, and since I lost all the time meanning when I'm playing a new game (Xcom Ennemies unknown) I was'nt realize that we were sunday. Tomorrow I will invite peoples, and I will do it for multiples days cauz I totally understand that it's not everybody who are available all day. So since it's totally my fault, I will do it the number of days it's will be necessary. Please understand that I'm human and I can forgot like everyone else :P Message me on PSN when you guys are ready, it's will be more easier to find the time to get your prizes
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