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  1. Fan since DD1 ! , Thanks for the Work.. REaly excited for the Release (and maybe for another Beta with more features(bugs:P)) Gogogo <3 <3
  2. Well, i am a European, and would like to play on a European server like always, so since DD2 Crashed now i dont even cant authenticate with the servers, and it let me know that US East has problems, so why the hell is it thinking i want join US EAST? and not the european servers? , is it not normal to first take the server and than come with the Errors? and not before?
  3. Hello Greetings ! Hallo ! :) Wie der name sagt suche ich deutsch sprachige Spieler :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tmeik Das wäre mein Profil addet michd och ! :) Gruss (6 x ipwl +700) (Falls das wichtig ist)
  4. Yeah you actually cant farm for Nm4 because the gear you need for nm4 just drops in Nm4 .. and how i said - not everyone has friends they can carry you ^^'
  5. Tmeik


    https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128095/trendy-you-need-a-better-ipwlvl-progress I wrote that here! :)
  6. As an Exemple : Nightmare 3 there drops gear till 600. But for NIghtmare 4 you actually need 800 (thats what is writen on the maps) So - how do you get 200 iplvl from maps they are not there? What should you do to farm ? You need to change the loottable. it should be possible that you get till 50 more in the Level under the next. Kinda Nightmare 1 IPWLVL: 100-250 Nightmare 2 IPWLVL :200-450 Nightmare 3 IPWLVL :400-650 Nightmare 4 IPWLVL :600-1000 take MMORPGS as an example. Like Wildstar. There is a Normal Progress. But At the moment is it not possible to Farm gear for Nightmare 4 w
  7. Its not Fair to Build with 4 Towers. Every Class can more than 1. It should be possible to put more Cannons in a lane, and they should have more Range. Its not fair that TRENDY forces you to build with Traps or Aura just because they dont get destroyd form enemys. So Far why do you even allow people to make this classes when they are waste of time?
  8. First ... This game is Free to Play so - people they give money out helps that the Server will run a long time. So Btt: I think the best deal would be make it like Wildstar. There is the Option to get Cashshop things ingame it just takes longer and for the ppl who have the money to buy it. For my self i see no problem that Pets you buy over DLC things are direct legendary because : the only difference on this Pet's is the Style and not what they are do... because everything else is random and can be changed. So if someone dont have money, he can play the game get the egg, and roll it so lon
  9. Auto sell if it is on the Map!!! just like DD1 !
  10. You should start than with Fusion - than when you dont change anymore so often your Gear. In case - not when you wearing Green just because it was the best what droped on nm2.. (stats..) so kinda like when you have Gold or Purple
  11. It doesnt mean anything when they force you how you have to play to Kill any Mobs in NM! The Famous : Hunter Trap Monk Electro Squire Wall Mage Ice Tower this is how you can survive NM... -> So you actually just need this 4 and you win..
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