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  1. Her rest is so good compared to Brawl rest. She's my main too:] The puff has returned! =] Shielding most attacks > rest is so good. Also, up tilt > rest. Her edgeguarding, and edge camping are amazing. Multiple jumps for edgeguarding. Roll on stage > rest. Ledge attack > block > rest. Lastly, she's adorable.
  2. 1650-2628-3264 My main is jigglypuff, love her rest =] Back ups are marth/dr. mario/bowser/meta knight
  3. Final post on here for the next couple months. I take my leave tomorrow so you kiddies play nice now :) Hope I still have the DD love when I get back! :crystal:Long Live Etheria:crystal: Good bye, friend. =] <3
  4. Currently 32-1 in For Glory 1v1 :3 Loving Marth/Mario/Meta Knight/Bowser/Shiek, have to test some more characters. If anyone here has the game, do yous want to add me? I'll post my FC just as soon as I can.
  5. Bump because we need some new records :) these are all so slow Akatiti/Winter/spook2/Sky City are all beatable. I'd be very surprised if someone beat my Tavern time though =]
  6. Bump cause I can't stand this being on the 3rd page. =[
  7. Mario's 60% combo's/amazing aerials x.x Pikachu's speed/combo/edge guard game x.x Villager's off stage game/recovery/kill moves x.x (get someone off stage, and connect with a slingshot = death) Can't wait to play some Bowser/shiek/pacman/fox/falco/marth/jigglypuff/little mac =D Gonna buy three copies on the 3rd. x)
  8. How just how?! Do you build CD in 3 minutes and 45 seconds? I am horribad at building CD on both DD and DDE so my times bite by nature but yikes how can you even kill the enemies that fast? Feels like it would take longer for them to spawn than that. It's cause he's #1.
  9. The issue is if they don't have chain grab it's harder for them to do smash attacks. I find that a chain grab immediately followed by 2 smash attacks can usually do about 70-75% damage and the next grab can KO them. At least, that's my main strategy with them. I need to buy the 3DS or Wii U now because I really want the new one. :( In both melee and brawl, one grab = a kill if you don't drop the infinites, or trip (sakes brawl).
  10. If they didn't have it, they'd be useless. That's not true. They can do a lot of damage quickly, because they're doing the dmg two characters would. They've also got a tech called desyncing which allows them to do two different attacks at the same time, or the same attack at different times. They are very offensive, and can force you to make a mistake and get grabbed (dead), or smash'd (~35% dmg) =D. They would be better than half the cast w/o their infinites, at least.
  11. Anyone here have the demo? I've been playing it all weekend long. =] Mario, Villager, and Pikachu are so good x.x
  12. Is it still good? No =/ Only when I was extremely sick. Feeling better now =]
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